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  1. Must be "Lisa's Recipe Coffee" from Green Acres...pour it in the cup and cut it off with scissors...
  2. I've been struggling to remember IF I had more than one of any kind of A/C on the shelf...in the stash, there's a kazillion of various types, but finished...hmmmm... Aha! I do have more than one of a few. I actually have two P-47D Razorbacks...one in 1/48 (Tamiya) and one in 1/72 (the old Hasegawa kit)...I built two F4Fs, with the 1/48 (Tamiya) presented as a gift, and the 1/72 (Academy) was damaged at some point. I have two 1/72 F-105s (the old Revell -D and the recent Trumpeter -G). I have three A6M Zeros in 1/48 (the old AMT, the Tamiya, and the Hasegawa). I need to build more...oh, if only I had the time...
  3. Looks pretty darn good to me!! Welcome back to the game...
  4. I have a closet sized (5'x8') room in a corner of the basement of our split-level house...well, I call it a basement, the wife calls it "the terrace level"...but it's heated. I do all of my benchwork there. I airbrush, and occasionally spraybomb, in the garage. With the low temps in the teens for the last several days, there has been NO painting done whatsoever. But, I've had several great hours at the bench. When we get back to our normal North Georgia weather, the garage will probably be comfortable enough on most days to spray some paint...
  5. I typically use lacquer thinner for cleaning...all of my current airbrushes are safe for that. I'll backflush and spray into a waste container a couple of times, then disassemble it. I use an old Testors cheapie paintbrush to stir-clean the gravity-feed cups, followed by a Q-tip or paper towel, depending on the size of the cup. The siphon-fed color cup and the tip soaks in lacquer thinner while I clean the needle and paint passages. Once I clean this far, I'll reassemble the 'brush and spray fresh lacquer thinner through it, just to be sure...
  6. VERY nice year!! Some beautiful work there!!!
  7. Mike, I'll have to admit I'm a Badger fan...I have the 155 Anthem, the 100G (fine), the 200NH...and now the 105 Patriot. I love all of them, but the Anthem is my workhorse, and the VLS would be very similar. The Patriot is a pretty much a "gravity-fed Anthem" with a fine tip/needle setup. Many of the parts interchange between the 105, 200NH, 155, and the 360 (I haven't tried the medium tip/needle combination in the Patriot, but it would work). Here is my review of the Patriot...which was actually written for a trade magazine for hobby shops and not for scale modelers. http://www.badgerairbrush.com/PDF/FocusTools.pdf I also have a Peak C-5 from bearair.com...very nice detail airbrush. Peak's C-3 is equivalent to the Iwata HP-C Plus in general shape and use. Peak airbrushes can use Iwata parts, as they all fit (I bought an Iwata airhose to use with my C-5). Of course, from all that I've heard, Iwata IS the Cadillac... You might want to do a google search for airbrush reviews, specifically for models that interest you...there are plenty out there.
  8. Lookin' good, Duke! Glad to see you got this one finished and delivered! Congrats!
  9. Beautiful work!! Nicely done...Congrats!
  10. Wooooooooooooooooooof!! THAT is nice!! Beautiful work...Congrats!
  11. Duke, building on commission means that particular model is really a job, and not part of your hobby. That usually sucks most, if not all, of the fun right out of it for me (and I do a few commisson builds now and then). You do excellent work all the time, but with this one, you're seeking perfection, and that's awfully hard to find when you're tired and frustrated... You didn't ask for advice, but I'll give you a little anyway...we ARE friends, right??? If you're not on a deadline, take a short break from it (a couple of days) and just chill...do some woodworking projects or spend some extra time with your lovely wife. Since this build is technically a "job", just treat it like one of your remodeling jobs...you should probably work up a materials list, estimate your time to complete it...make your priorities list...and set your mind to work on it and finish by whatever date you choose. After all, when you work on a remodeling job, you know when it's quitting time at the end of a long day. Don't put in any overtime on this job, just finish it at your own pace.
  12. Very nice work!! Great job, Gil!
  13. Woooooooooooooooooof! That is some NICE work!! Beautiful pair of fighters!
  14. Anytime, Kit! Come visit our chapter sometime...Lawrenceville is fairly close to Cumming, and we'd love to have you visit!
  15. Somebody told me that MM Euro Dark Green FS34092 was a close match to Bronze Green...and the pics on here are really close to the color in the bottle... http://www.ipmsstockholm.org/magazine/2004..._colours_us.htm
  16. Wow...that is NICE!! You did a superb job on this one...
  17. Now, that is interesting...a piece of square styrene, with some ridges filed into one side...hmmmm... I like it!! Nice work, Jay!!
  18. Looks great! Congrats on marking another one off your list!!!
  19. Clare, you miight try this site...I've used it to cross-reference various paint brands and colors... http://www.paint4models.com/
  20. Geeeeez, Ralph...that would be the death of me! It takes me an hour just to open the box and unfold the instructions!!!
  21. I've never been one to limit myself to just one genre...like Ralph, I've built cars, aircraft, (some) armor, figures, anything-goes...I'm all over in different scales, too. Does have one extra benefit...at the Atlanta Model Expo (Region 3 Contest), I won six trophies...in six different categories. Built a few OOB ships when I was in early high school, but never really got the bug for them...yet. Like I've heard it said, "Build what you like, how you like it, and have fun..." Enjoy!
  22. Sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet!! Definitely a nice build!!
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