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  1. That's pretty freakin' awesome for having not built anything for four years!! Some of us have been practicing building during that whole four year span and we wish we could make one look like this...Nice work!!!
  2. Thanks!! Nope...just a craft stick...the round edge actually worked nicely to spread the epoxy evenly and smoothly...actually surprised me!!
  3. Thanks, Everyone, for your help. I used two part epoxy…just seemed the simplest and strongest method. I wasn’t worried too much about ooze, as any would be covered… Here is the finished project…
  4. Nice work, Gil!!! Are you making the trip to Warner Robins this year?
  5. I've got to attach a plastic model base to a wooden base for a project... I've thought about Aves ApoxySculpt, Cyanoacrylate, and Gator Grip Hobby Glue. Does anyone have any experience with attaching plastic to wood? Which glue would you use?? Thanks!
  6. Wow!! Great job!! I love the "battle damage"...outstanding!!!
  7. Thanks, Mike!! I'm planning to be in Warner Robins... :) ...hope to see you there!!
  8. Thanks, Gil... I used Model Master Enamels...Sand, Military Brown, and Pale Green for topside, Light Ghost Gray for the bottom. Camo was done freehand with a Badger Renegade Velocity.
  9. Finished this one about a week ago...thought I'd post it here...
  10. Thanks, Mike! I am really sorry I missed the Chattanooga Show...I had planned for several weeks to be there, but got slammed and couldn't get away for the day...I did hear, from our chapter members that were there, that it was another great show. Congrats!!
  11. Sorry to be late responding...I spent the weekend running a state conference.... The fit was really good overall...there was a bit of seam work here and there due to the modular construction of the fuselage, but nothing that couldn't be handled with time and a little bit of effort. I was originally planning to use the pilot figures in the cockpit...however, they didn't fit very well, so I dropped that idea.
  12. Thanks, Dave...this is the 1/48 kit. It came with decals for the Shadowhawks and the Vikings. I chose the Vikings, since they were the first squadron equipped with the Growler.
  13. Just realized I hadn't posted this one... As always, comments and suggesetions are welcome...
  14. Sorry that I didn't make it this year...just got slammed with a bunch of stuff to get done for an upcoming conference, and spent the whole freakin' weekend doing that. I did send an entry for our Airfix Club Challenge. Hopefully, I'll get there in person next year.
  15. Both are excellent airbrushes, Dick... On the Grex, I unscrewed the color cup to change to a different size after cleaning, and without thinking (like I was using a color cup from a siphon feed), I dropped it into a jar of thinner to soak...I didn't notice the seal was missing after going back to it, because it screws in tightly and securely. Almost overlooked the missing seal completely, until I happened to look closely at the other cups...oh, well.
  16. Dick, I've used lacquer thinner to clean both the Grex and the Eclipse...and it caused no problems with either one. During a phone conversation, I specifically asked the Marketing Director of Grex USA about it...and he told me it would be fine to use lacquer thinner to clean their airbrushes. However, you would likely want to removed the seal from the threaded section of the removable color cup if you intend to soak it...the lacquer thinner will dissolve that seal (found out the hard way myself)...the good news is I didn't even notice it was gone until later, as the tolerances are so tight that there was no leakage whatsoever with it missing.
  17. Depending on the type of airbrush (if it is lacquer friendly), you might be able to use lacquer thinner...$13 a gallon a Wally World...that's what I use.
  18. You might also check the air outlet...it's one or two small holes on the front of the airbrush body, beside where the tip seats into the body. If there is blockage there, it would cause your airflow to be spotty. Clean that area, and use a small wire or something similar to be sure tthe opening is clear. Otherwise, I'm with the others...it may be the air supply source, or moisture in the compressor tank. At 40 psi, you may be getting blowback at the tip...paint coming out around the tip instead of going through it (a friend had this problem at 35 psi)...that would allow paint to get into the air outlet as I described.
  19. Our chapter has modelers that individually build in almost every genre...armor, aircraft, cars & trucks, sci-fi, figures, ships, dioramas, you name it. There is such a large amount of techniques that potentially cross over between genres,,,,and learning new ones is a lot of fun. That diversity of subjects serves us quite well...and makes for interesting discussions at meetings. The shows I've attended have been just as much fun, and I get to ask questions about the models that are there...
  20. Good for you, Ron! That's the future of our hobby, and I'm glad to see it's being encouraged!!
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