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  1. Sent the review to Dave earlier this week, so I'll post it here... Purists will likely frown on my choice for the ordnance load, but I went that way 'cause I liked the way it looked...this turned out to be a challenging build for me, for several reasons. But, it's done...
  2. Ziplocs also work great for storing decals...especially when you don't want them to get paint/water/drool on them. I've put old yellowed decals in a Ziploc bag, and taped them to a south or southwestern facing window...with the decals facing outward (the sealed bag protects them from any potential condensation contamination). The sunlight will bleach out the yellow in a few days.
  3. Nice work!! Looks great! Awesome detail work on the interior...and the wear on the wingwalks really is icing on the cake!
  4. That looks really good...simple AND effective! Great idea, Clare...thanks for sharing!!!
  5. My Dad worked in a bodyshop, and did some sideline painting of 1:1 cars in his shop at home. Seems like I remember him coiling and submerging about 20 feet of his airhose in a 5 gallon bucket of cold water...then using an inline moisture trap between there and the spraygun. So, I guess he had a fairly good understanding of the science part...cooling the air would cause the moisture vapor to condense...
  6. Thanks! I've used that one on small areas of residue before...but this time, I think there was too much for it to be very effective.
  7. Sweet build!! Nice work all around!!!
  8. Thanks, I'll have to check out that NexCare tape...hmmmmmmmmmmmm...sounds like I'd find it in the pharmacy section.
  9. Anybody got a surefire way to remove masking residue?? I painted some Alclad aluminum for a natural metal finish...masked it, and sprayed the colors on the surrounding areas...now I remove the masking, and there is lots of masking residue on the NMF. I tried isopropyl alcohol, and it seems to work a little, but not all that well... Help!!!
  10. I'll play along... 1. Star Trek TOS 2. Quantum Leap 3. The Time Tunnel
  11. Since you usually need a head start, thought I'd help you out a bit... :D :D
  12. Pretty sweet!! Nice work, Dick!!
  13. Mike, that's nothing... ;) ...you should come to one of our club meetings!!! Chris is always razzing me about being old and gray, and I'm giving him grief about anything I can find that particular day...although, for the last four days, I've been dealing with an abscessed tooth... ... and am probably a little more cranky than usual...
  14. Hi, Clare! You'll find some good advice here... http://www.swannysmodels.com/Alclad.html http://www.aircraftresourcecenter.com/tnt1...clad/TNT009.htm http://www.ipmsusa2.org/Reviews/How_To/Alclad/alclad.htm HTH...
  15. Notice I said I did a search on vacuum forming...our own site didn't show up. Obviously, the webmaster is at fault here...
  16. I did a search of "vacuum forming" and found a lot of sites...there are several vids on Youtube on building a homemade vacuforming setup... Or, you could buy one here for a lot less, and they have lots of different sizes available: http://www.warmplastic.com/avf.html
  17. I have used that trick several times...along with language that would make a sailor blush!!!
  18. I use them in alphabetical order...seems to work OK for me... ;) :D :D
  19. Would it be possible to wick some Future underneath the decal??...maybe through the pin pricks?? That helped on some particularly nasty decals that I suffered through a couple of years ago...
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