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  1. I've used oven cleaner with good results...wear rubber gloves (good ones), and be sure to work in a well-ventilated area, the fumes are rough...
  2. VERY nice! Get well soon on the other issue...
  3. He was a great actor...I thoroughly enjoyed his work in the role of Khan...so evil, yet subtle. May he rest in peace...
  4. More nice work...love the '105. I have a soft spot for the old Monogram stuff...just can't help but love them.
  5. Nice work, as always...I'd say that one is somewhat larger than all those 1/72 models that you build... :D :D
  6. Nice job on the Cessna...I did the review on that kit recently, and it's not an easy kit to build. You did great work on it! Love the P-51 and the Spit...both beautiful builds!
  7. OMG!!! That is awesome, Duke! I'll ask...what the H-E-Double-Hockey-Sticks did you use to rig that thing?......Spider webs???
  8. Coming along quite nicely!! How's your production compared to last year (the 75 or so models you built in '07)???
  9. Nice work all around! Personally, I love the Maverick!
  10. Solder might be the easiest method for the ignition ring...it's relatively soft and easy to make clean circular bends. Then drill the appropriate holes in the ring of solder, and use smaller guage wires for the ignition wires. Plastic rod would probably be my choice for the pushrods. There are those here that are far more talented and more experienced than I am, so I'm going to be watching for the other responses to this, too!
  11. Thanks, David...just tried to say what I was thinking...
  12. Can't add much to what Gil said... I do use Tamiya Thin, Testors, and Tenax...based on what I'm gluing. Tamiya is thin and will run down the seam nicely and quickly...Tenax seems a little thick, but is faster setting...Testors is somewhat thicker than Tamiya but slower setting. If setting speed is a factor, Tenax...if it's a tight spot, Tamiya...if I have time, and can wait for a good solid bond, Testors.
  13. Lookin' good, Duke! Love the comparison shot with the two models...neat to see the difference in our skills over time.
  14. Looks like a great year! Here's to another one...cheers!
  15. Clare, it looks good to me...and YOU like it, which is what counts. I remember an FSM article from a few years ago...someone took the toy German pusher airplane from the Raiders of the Lost Ark, and did a tear-down-and-do-it-better-build on the thing...it came out looking great!!
  16. Considering the setup that Chris has, I'm at the other end of the spectrum... I have a "closet" that's about 5' x 8' or so... I did add some shelves a few months ago... I only do detail painting in there, as my compressor is situated in a corner of the garage. I would love to have one of those nice, roomy, "studios" that some of you have...
  17. Reeeeeeeeeeeeeelly nice work...awesome build!!
  18. These may help a little... http://www.supercars.net/cars/2076.html http://www.ipmslivonia.org/ipms/Gallery/Ve...KitR67Vette.htm http://www.thel88corvette.com/ (lots of links for pics of various cars) http://www.corvetterepair.com/Cutaway/Cutaway.htm (1968?) http://www.corvetterepair.com/67%20L88%20L..._l88_lemans.htm
  19. Gil, I love the rant...good points, and it would make a great editorial! Jeff, ROTFLMAO!! I was at a show/contest this year...walking around looking at all the beautiful models on the tables with a friend of mine, and actually passed a guy who DID smell...like fried chicken of all things...I turned to my friend, and said, "do you smell..." He responded, "Yes", before I'd even finished the question. I had almost forgotten about that!! Sorry, didn't mean to get so far off subject...
  20. Looks like you're off to a grest start, Duke!! Must be fun or something... :lol:
  21. Since I paint with MM enamels, I spray a clear glosscoat and use MM acrylics for washes. I use paint-water-dishsoap in a 2-5-3 ratio. Seems to work OK for me, and cleanup is easy... While there are better tutorials out there, I did one for panel line washes on our website... http://mountainmodelers.org/main_tutorials.html
  22. Looks great so far...very nice detail on the engine and chassis. I'll be watching for more...
  23. Man...if you "just couldn't get into this one", I'd love to see one that you DID!! Beautiful work!!!
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