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  1. To keep PETA from getting involved, I think we should pass on that story, Mike...
  2. Thanks, All! Sounds like X-acto injuries are commonplace...no surprise there, I know I've been bit several times. The CA fumes can be an issue...one other person that I know (does RC planes & helicopters) was almost "overcome" with the fumes, and he is now deathly reactive (allergic?) to those fumes. Thanks again!
  3. Ouch...glad to hear yours weren't any worse, Ken and David! Thanks!!!
  4. I'm doing research for an article on hobby-related safety issues...and how to prevent potential injuries. Of course, I've had the usual X-acto cuts and Dremel knuckles myself, but I thought I'd see what kind of issues others have had. As an example: I had a friend, a model railroader, who was working under his train layout doing some wiring, and got stabbed in the eye with a bare wire that was hanging down...scratched his cornea, but thankfully no serious damage. Anyway, I'd appreciate it if you'd share your stories with me...things like allergic reactions, any breathing problems with painting, tool malfunction injuries, any injuries requiring ER visits, general "I-should-have-known-better-than-to-XYZ" stories, etc. Thanks!
  5. Beautiful work!! Heck, I wish I could do anything that well in six months, much less one night!! Kudos to you, Ken!!!
  6. Congrats!! I am jealous however...I wish my daughters would have garnered an interest in scale modeling. With my two, I'm stuck with Radiology and Neuropsychology...
  7. Nice work, Mike!! Good luck & best wishes at the Nats!!
  8. Congrats, Mike! With two daughters, I never had this chance...hopefully, one day, I'll have a grandson.
  9. Looks GREAT, Gil!! Nice work!!!
  10. Looks like great moldings...and I love the Barry Smith artwork on the Conan #1. I have that one in my collection...actually bought it off the newstand in October of 1970...
  11. Thanks, Clare...I'm glad you like it. My daughter suggested that I print the progress pictures so Matt could see the amount of work that went into the build. Still waiting to hear from her about a day and time to make delivery. I'll try to post a pic of him when he sees it for the first time...
  12. Thanks, All! Mike...I'm not replacing any sheetrock during the wife's version of "Extreme Home Makeover", but I have had to do some repairs from the demolition here and there. Ed...The grill converted from the kit part, but the GMC grill emblem is from an AMT 1995 GMC Sonoma pickup kit from a long time ago...I owned a '95 S-10 Pickup, and was doing the opposite of this project, by stretching AMT's S-10 single cab kit into an extended cab to match my personal vehicle, and I bought the GMC kit at Big Lots for a couple of bucks to use the parts for that conversion. Got the project to the painting stage, and boxed it up...it's still waiting to be finished, even though I traded the truck in 2000. My daughter has seen these pics, but her fiance hasn't...we're working on a date and time to give the model to him.
  13. The Chevy grill had to be converted… …there is still some work to do in this pic, as the grill surround is too wide for the 2000 year… But, finally…I am finished…
  14. Also, he had a bench seat, and no console…so mods had to be made in the interior… Here is the test fit for the cab, bed, and frame… I was able to find a resin toolbox for the bed…(Thanks, ChrisM!!!)
  15. The side trim is different from the Chevy, so it had to go… …and it went… Also, Matt’s truck was a single cab, so the extended cab had to be cut down…(along with the frame, interior, exhaust system, and drivetrain)…
  16. The things we do for love…my oldest daughter’s fiancé owned a 2000 GMC Sierra, and loved it. About fours years ago, someone sideswiped him on a local interstate and sent him into a bridge abutment. The truck was totaled. Jessica has been after me for two years to build a model of his truck for him… This was the only thing close to a Sierra…R/M’s 1999 Chevy Silverado. But, it took a lot of work to convert this into his truck.
  17. Personally, I fill-sand-curse...repeat as necessary. I've used Bondo Glazing Putty, Squadron Green, Squadron White, superglue-and-talcum powder..all with varying results. And, I've heard of dissolving sprue in liquid cement and using that to fill seams, ejector pin marks, and sinkholes...
  18. Nope...I promise that I have never judged, believe it or not. Yes...I'll be glad to step up and learn from the great masters. And, yes...I am a scoundrel...it's sort of fun, the hours are good and there's no heavy lifting. :lol:
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