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  1. Thanks Tim- I just need to see if the brass 'pair' are ready to make such an undertaking. It doesn't sound like a big deal but it sure looks it!
  2. Indeed, it works like a charm. I have even had success using it to remove pesky fine dust from rescribed panel lines. Disintegrates into thin air.
  3. I have been working on a 1/48 Tamiya F4D-1 Skyray off and on for a year. I painted it with Gunze Mr. Color Lacquers and then decaled it. However, the 2 long stripe decals that are placed where the wing meets the fuselage are both wrinkled. I used repeated applications of MicroSet and even gave some Mr. Mark Setter a try to no avail. I have no idea why only those two chose to wrinkle, as the paint was the Mr. Color Lacquer which is a gloss paint. So the surface shouldn't have been the issue. I really don't want to strip the model and order new markings and start over, so my question is this: If I were to tape the surrounding areas off very carefully and sand the two decals off of the paint, and then re-apply two new decals (or even paint them on) what do you think my chances of success are? I ask because I have yet to complete any model in 3 years of being 'back' to the hobby and I want to see this one through. The rest of it looks spectacular, if I may say so, and if I have to start all over again, I'm likely to chuck it against a brick wall. I'm so close I can taste it with this build and to be honest, I think Tamiya decals suck in general. They seem to be a wee bit thick. All advice welcome and much appreciated! Regards.
  4. Thanks for the help fellas. I stated incorrectly that I had an acrylic under the lacquer. I actually had used Mr. Surfacer 1200 to prime- just had a brain fart. This, even though the can was sitting right in front of me. I actually picked up some ProModeller Wash a couple of weeks ago and after great success using it on the landing gear I might just use that. I might just Future coat the nose cone and the glare shield and not the rest of the model as the Gunze lacquers have it veery nice and glossy now. Then I will seal it with Dulcote.
  5. So, I have a Tamiya Skyray that I am ready to decal. The white (bottom) and gull gray (top) were shot with Gunze Mr. Color Lacquer paints. I had masked the front nosecone and glare panel in front of the windscreen prior to shooting the lacquer paints and once they were dry (48 hours to be safe), I masked the rest of the plane and shot the glare shield and nosecone with Tamiya acrylic flat black. I'd like to seal the acrylic black with Future in preparation of the acrylic wash. I know lacquer over acrylic is ok as it worked beautifully in the past. Question is- if I shoot Future over the entire model is it going to stick to the lacquer and be the hard, durable shield it has been in the past? OR, do I need to mask the black acrylic areas and Future coat that independently? What I should have done was to spray black lacquer but I didn't have any so... I used what was available. Many thanks for the help and input- I'm ready to get some decals on this bird for our Friday meet! Regards, Jon
  6. Nice work on the battleship! Love the C-130- looking good!
  7. All, I am going to try my hand at ship building and I very much enjoy the scale effect given by using photo-etch. In the past building planes I usually used a very small piece of glass and a razor blade, as the parts were usually not long or wide. However, I notice that I will need to make larger bends on ship models, and far more intricate. I have seen the Hold & Fold, and I am thinking of getting one. Before I do that I would like your input on what works best. Regards, Jon
  8. Yeah, I'm the same way! I could spend an hour looking at the decal sheet. It would be a real fun challenge to give it a shot. It takes me an hour just to get going. I have to clean up the model desk so I can get it dirty again...
  9. Veeeeeeeeery nice! Like the TOS influence. Well done, sir!
  10. Hehehe- this is great input! In fact I just ordered Dragon's USS Livermore so I'm looking forward to the build. Also looking forward to finishing this Skyray. I have been working on it off an on for about 6 months. It will be my first completed build in a year. Lot's of stops and starts on other kits. Once I got my mind around the fact that it's ok to 'mess up' I felt better. I'm guessing this happens to other modelers as well. In any case, it's going to be fun trying a little something different. The Nationals was a major motivator! Thanks for the input everyone!
  11. Here's what's happening. On the bench I have a Tamiya 1/48 F4D-1 Skyray that I just painted. It looks good, though I can see a few flaws in my seam work that I just knew that I had fixed. Either way, I'm actually pretty satisfied. I say this as I have been 'back' to modeling for the last year after a hiatus to finish school. Anyways, so I have been an aircraft guy all my life. My first build with my Dad was Monogram's B-29. Ever since then I loved things with wings. Enter the 2009 Nationals. The last Nats I went to was in '05 and I basically gravitated to the planes, ignoring the ships, cars, armor, etc. This year though, I looked at EVERYTHING. The ships though, mystified me and gave me a slap in the face. A BIG one. I left the Nat's wanting a IJN Nagato like a bear needs honey. Same with Trumpeters' Yorktown, and Academy's new Oliver Hazard Perry. I still bought planes- my heart just had a hard time letting go. Now though, I want to trade and sell what I have and move over to ships. The challenge of doing all the photo-etch railing tempts me. I want to experiment with waterline kits and dioramas. I am completely taken. The point of this is to ask- is this normal? Also, if I pursue this new venture, which scale is recommended? There are a phenominal amount of 1/700 scale ships and a decent selection of 1/350. I like WW2 and Modern Era. I am experienced in handling photo-etch but on 1/700 scale it looks like a real challenge. Any thoughts and suggestions much appreciated. My first thought was Tamiya's USS Fletcher, I heard it was a good kit for a beginner?
  12. Thanks for the input. I found a bottle of H315 so I went that route.
  13. John, Welcome to the fold. The great thing about being here is that your questions will be answered. Also, it's just a great place to talk about the hobby. Most importantly, thank you for your service in Vietnam.
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