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  1. So, you're saying you don't want ME to judge...oh, well...I was hoping to gain some experience in doing that this time. A few of our guys judged at ScottCon last fall, and I think a couple of them are going to be there.
  2. I've got a half dozen "Mountaineers" that are planning to be there...and most are willing to volunteer some time to help out!
  3. Kevin, I'm sorry to hear of your loss. I'm glad to hear that you had such a wonderful man for a Father, and that the memories of times that you shared will continue. You, and your Pop's family and friends, will be in my thoughts and prayers...
  4. Yep, gotta love Maddog Manufacturing!! Duke loves what he does...and I love watching him...and wishing I could build half as many as he can in twice the time!!
  5. I've also noticed that many of the book publishers (particularly Osprey) use quotes from IPMS reviews in their sales publicity...check Amazon.com for book titles that are on the IPMS reviews, and you'll see the quotes from our reviewers.
  6. Nice work!! Y'know...through the years, I've always thought I'd like to tackle a vac kit...but I usually just lie down in a dark, quiet room for an hour or so, do a few deep breathing meditation exercises, and the feeling eventually passes.
  7. I was just about to say yes...then, I decided to check first. I have the AMT/Ertl 1993 Firebird...sorry.
  8. VERY nice! I've got one of these waiting for me...hope to get to it soon...
  9. A couple of years ago, our local chapter did a Group Build "The Year 1965"...it could be anything from 1965. We had several aircraft, a couple of cars, a fire truck, a few pieces of armor...all fit within the main criteria...
  10. I had to use Mr. Color paint on a diecast repair last year, since it was the only Flat Black that would match the original color (apparently, that was the paint that they used at the factory in China)...gadzooks, that stuff was a nightmare. I thinned it about 60/40 thinner-paint...and it still wanted to clog up my airbrush after two or three passes.
  11. Ah, crap... James, if you're right...I really AM a kit collector... Crap.
  12. When it comes to filling seams, most plane guys have tried virtually every substance known to man...including spackling paste, auto body filler putty, baking soda & cyanoacrylates, acrylic fingernail filler (Walmart for $5, in the aisle with the fingernail polish...yes, I have followed my wife into that aisle rather than lose sight of her in the store), epoxy putty, and Georgia Red Clay mixed with spit.
  13. John, according to Testors website, they do have it in MM enamel... http://www.testors.com/products/136366
  14. Another great-looking aircraft!! Nice work, Mike!
  15. It looks really good, David...nice work!! Athough it seems that I remember the fuel tank filler is on the left side of the P-40...and you may have the window-with-fuel-filler-openings on the right side...
  16. I think there can a fine line between "Constructive Criticism" and "Destructive Criticism"... Constructive Criticism could be something like, "y'know...I think you could have better represented this particular area with a darker shade of paint...or maybe weather it more to darken it"...or even something like, "I like what you did with this area, but I think you could have a better overall presentation if you (fill in the blank)". In any case, I think Constructive Criticism has the capability to inspire any and all of us to do better on the next build. Destructive Criticism could be as brutal as "Man, you suck at building models"...or as complicated as "Your widget is actually placed 2mm too low on this 1/48 Fluegelmaster, and the paint is all wrong for this year". Destructive Criticism is just that...it destroys the inspiration, and makes the modeler more likely to give up on a particular-genre-or-technique-or-even-modeling-altogether, rather than want to improve their technique or skills. No one that I know, or have ever met, wanted to build a mediocre model...we all want to do the best that we can. The trick is finding a way to say something so that it encourages the modeler to try new things, to rise up to the challenge, to build their skills, and to become a better modeler. Just my thoughts...
  17. I love it, definitely stands out from the crowd...you just have to love those "I-built-or-wish-I-had-built this one when I was a kid" projects!! Nice work!
  18. Well, there's not as much mud on it as I would have expected... ...Looks pretty good to me, Rob!!
  19. Both look great, Mike...but I do LOVE the Corsair! Nice work!!!
  20. I'll do that, Patrick...and thank you.
  21. Mark, I've mentioned the forum to Ken, as well as to all of our chapter members...and it's promoted in our club newsletter every month. Ken is active on our club forum, and maybe on one or two other forums (I'm not sure about the number). He is a great guy, and I've definitely enjoyed watching him study and learn the art of scale modeling. He approaches modeling a bit differently than I do, perhaps more focused on the technical aspect...he's also very critical of his own work (aren't we all?) and a bit impatient with himself. But, he's coming along nicely...and most of all, he's having fun!
  22. Ken's only been building about a year, after a 50+ year hiatus...and everything in scale modeling, as all of you know, has changed. This is his second armor piece, the first being an field artillery piece...and I think this may only be his third review build. Although he is not active on this forum, he has alway been VERY open to constructive criticism...the key word in the phrase being "constructive". His comment about checking on various forums was to clarify his understanding of the "remove" indicator in the instructions...he was not sure if it meant to remove the raised detail or to cut out a hatch that was indicated in the same area. Ken does obsess a bit about the deadline for completing the reviews, and the pictures that he submitted were actually taken before he completed the weathering process (which he is learning, and seem fascinated with it). Having seen this particular build personally, I know that, as of this date, he has "dirtied" this one quite a bit more than you see in those photos. With the weathering, the tracks have been toned down significantly. We have ALL been there...at the same point on the learning curve as Ken...and hopefully, we can all hold onto some small part of that same fascination that he has when he opens a new kit.
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