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  1. I don't make it over here often but need some suggestions. I will be doing my first dio of a sunken Zero and was wondering what you all recommend to use for the sand/silt of the ocean floor? Thanks! Andy
  2. Hello all, Just a reminder for the Region 6 clubs. AutumnCon 2011 is the 17th in Covington, LA. Looks to be a good time. All info and registration forms are available online. www.htscalemodelers.com Hope to see some of you there... Andy
  3. Hey guys, Doing a P-47 in olive drab. Need some actual photos of the plane from the top view to show fading. Any such animals out there?? Thanks, Andy
  4. Wulf

    262 finished...

    Thanks for the kind words gentlemen... Andy
  5. Wulf

    262 finished...

    Hey all, This one's hot off the bench. It's Tamiya's 1/48 262. This was a true 'add glue and shake' kit. Superb design and kit all the way 'round. I had it ready for paint in 5 days (which is a miracle for me). The paint scheme was a bit of a challenge but came out okay. Added seat belts, brake lines and antenna wiring. Comments always welcomed... Andy
  6. Very sharp build and a cool subject. Always liked the PBY... Andy
  7. Wulf

    Typhoon finished...

    Gil, The wingroot/fuselage joint was poor, and I mean poor! The fuselage area around the cockpit was a separate piece all together. This created unwanted seams and seam work. Nothing that can be fixed but a pain nonetheless. Andy
  8. Looks like a super clean, right off the showroom floor build. Very nice work... Andy
  9. Hey guys, Just finished this one up. This is Hase's 1/48 Typhoon. Not a bad kit at all but has a few issues. Extras include a PE office set, brakelines and a resin seat (really like those). Weathering was done with preshading, postshading, pastels and silver chipping. Comments always welcomed... Andy
  10. I've got 1 week (about 15 hrs.) to complete a car for a show Would like to do a curbside or slammer. Any ideas on a good kit that fits this criteria And yes Matt, I'm sure you'll answer this one! Thanks, Andy
  11. Wulf

    My first tank!

    Thanks guys for the kind words. And yes Dick, it will be at GatorCon. I'm sure it's no match for most though. Andy
  12. Wulf

    My first tank!

    Well, as some of you know, I'm mainly a plane guy. However, I decided to cross over the darkside briefly. This is my first attempt at a tank and it was a learning experience! Needless to say, I've gained a whole new respect for good armor modeling. It was fun to try new things and techniques. This is Tam's Panther (the older kit). It was a good kit but needed some additions along the way. The add ons include a scratchbuilt cannon barrel, sponsons, side skirts, antenna and utility storage tube. The real challenge was the whole road wheel/sprocket/tread assembly. It took many attempts and adjustments to get it all right. This project almost met an untimely demise against my shop wall! However, I pushed on. The finish is acrylics with pastel, pigment and mud weathering. This was also my first attempt at a 1/35 figure. He came out fairly well but still need practice. Comments always welcomed... Andy
  13. Can you help? Looking for the Eduard week-end edition La-7 instructions. Thanks, Andy
  14. Quite the project there. Kudos to you for taking that one on. Looks great so far... Andy
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