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  1. anyone know of a website that sells pro stock, funny cars or dragster kits? thanks all Pat
  2. whats a good glue to use for vinyl tracks? thanks all
  3. if my wash isnt "running" properly, does this mean maybe i dont have a gloss coat down good enough? Cause i think my wash itself is good.
  4. im having a problem guys! on this dragon kit, on the dang magic tracks, do i glue them somewhere or not? seems when i put two together, they dont stay together, but the instructions mention nothing about glueing the things
  5. slodogg62

    Stryker color?

    What color is that green of the Stryker? and if i were using MM enamels, which would i use for it? thanks everyone
  6. what color was the willys jeep engine and undercarriage frame? all i can find is restored pics of them, and they show it OD. Was this how they were painted?
  7. slodogg62

    Willys Jeep

    Heres my Tamiyas Willys MB Jeep. Im building it for the 2012 NATS. im just adding a bunch of different resin and PE parts to it, to spruce it up a bit. Also adding a bunch of stuff for the engine. It may all not be correct, but what the heck. Ill post pics of the engine when it gets more done. sorry my Photography is so crappy Where i will put the battery is here Here ive added parts from various things. Its probably not right but should look ok when all finished! This is the firewall.
  8. What ive just noticed in building tamiyas willys jeep is...when you put the engine fan on, then the top part that has the radiator top on i t, the fan blades dont clear the radiator line. How would one correct this? cause im doing a dio with the hood open on it. thanks all for any help you could give me at this point. Pat
  9. thanks Mark !! so i guess basically i could have it propped open by any means, by the what those different pics show
  10. can anyone tell me how the hood on the willys jeep was held open? or anyone direct me to some pics of it? thanks all Pat
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