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    1/32 WWII aircraft and 1/35 armor
  1. Sprue Brothers carries almost the entire Vallejo product line. Model Air, Model Color and Panzer Color - sets and individual bottles. The only thing I've found that they do not carry just yet are the new Model Air RLM colors (set RLM III I believe). I use their Model Color products for all my brush painting. Best thing since sliced bread! David
  2. Thanks guys. Skysoldier46 - except for the wheels and decals its OOB. David
  3. Just realize I never uploaded any completion pics of this build. Great kit, fun to build and the best I've done since getting back into the hobby.
  4. Working on my second Hasegawa 1:32 Bf109G-6 and just discovered that I've somehow managed to lose the center portion of the canopy (Part # T2). Anyone know of a suitable after market replacement? Thanks, David
  5. Well I'm not that wrapped up in the details. For me the price was right and I just want to have a good time building it.
  6. FYI: Just found out Sprue Brothers now has this kit in stock and immediately went and ordered one. Can't wait for it to get here and check it out. Probably won't start it for a few weeks or more, but I just had to grab one as soon as it became available. I’m actually giddy with excitement!
  7. I gotta give Ponch Alves a shout. He runs Freedom Discount Books and Hobbies Inc. in Norman Oklahoma. Ponch is an outstanding fellow and runs a great shop and e-bay store. Pay him a visit if you have a chance - Freedom Discount Books and Hobbies Inc. William "Ponch" C. Alves 1005 N. Flood Ave. Suite #113 Norman, Oklahoma 73069 E-mail: ponchthered1@yahoo.com E-bay store: http://www.stores.ebay.com/freedomdiscountbooksandhobbies
  8. Me too Chris. I'm down to my last cans of white primer, gloss and flat clear coats. I have 2 more cans of gray primer, but they won't last long working with 1:32 scale stuff. David
  9. I hope they get it sorted out soon. I don't use Tamiya paint much but I do like their primers, clear coats and thinners. Seems all of these are in short supply right now. David
  10. I agree Dick. I like the new design and it has all the functionality I like to see on a discussion forum. The hardest part for me to get to adjusted to was the new message system, but I think I have the hang of it now. Great work guys! David
  11. I've had the same issue finding Tamiya's Lacquer Thinner. Haven't checked in awhile to see if anyone has been re-stocked or not.
  12. I mix Mr. Color 50/50 to 60/40 when using Mr. Color Leveling Thinner and it works great. I also use Tamiya's Lacquer Thinner at the same ratio with equally good results. David
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