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  1. Getting right to the point…our contest is cancelled for this year. We talked with K of C and looked at their schedule and other contest/holidays into June. There really were no open dates for us to move to. Further, a move to a date still close would be no guarantee of better conditions. Additionally, given many (most) of our membership and visitors fall into the higher risk categories for Covid-19. The hall is typically very crowded, tough that might not have been an issue this year, which presents its problems. We booked the hall for 28 March 2021.
  2. Five weeks to the 30th anniversary Valleycon presented by Wings & Wheels Modelers, an IPMS affiliated club in Western Mass and Northern Connecticut. The event will be held at the Knights of Columbus hall at 460 Granby Road in Chicopee MA. Doors will open to entrants and the public at 9:00 am sharp. No early birds, please, in order to allow our vendors time to set up their tables. We 31 classes including 2 each for Gundam kits and for junior modelers. General categories include all the usual: Automotive, Aircraft, Armor, Dioramas, Figures, Ships, Sci-Fi, Collections, and Miscellaneous.
  3. Thanks for the re;pis. I did get resolution on the ad. Thanks, I left a phone message with Marie. Of course, it was going into the weekend and, when I was working, I was always reluctant to reply to a voice mail on Friday. Al
  4. A couple weeks ago, I asked a question via email of the advertising director for the Journal regarding out contest ad and got no reply. A few days later, I submitted artwork for the ad, got no reply. Email the Pres with cc to DLC and ad director, got no reply. At this week's meeting, our VP told me his membership had expired. He renewed through the club and I wrote a check for him on my checking account on 11 July and mailed it within 24 hours. It has never been cashed. Left a phone message with the office manager yesterday. As of yet, that's right, no reply. Are there issue at t
  5. I just got the Journal with the announcement of this survey. Trying to access the online survey is a Charlie foxtrot. It didn't recognize me, made me change my password and sent me into a labyrinth of pages. If I were to vote, it would be for GSB. But, I have serious doubts this will make a difference. Scanning through this felt like I was time ported back to Phoenix in 2004 when a group tried to raise this issue. We were given a small amount of time and a break out room in which GSB proponents were basically told to go pound sand. We do 1-2-3 and that's it. That was among the most frustrati
  6. Wings & Wheels Modelers, presents Valleycon 29 on 31 March 2019 at the Knights of Columbus Hall 460 Granby Road in Chicopee. Doors open to the public at 9:00 am. We will have 69 vendor tables including Craftec Hobbies, Deerfield River Laser, Farina Enterprises, Gundam Galaxy, The Hobby Bunker, HobbyWorld USA, Time Machine Hobbies, Tru North Paints and Turn 4 Hobbies as well as almost 20 individual vendors We feature traditional IPMS style judging for the automotive and aircraft categories. All other categories are judged in the Open System.
  7. For years, there have been two related themes in the modeling world: Graying and other interests killing it. I can recall reading an article in 1982 saying that the new video game craze was going to be the death knell to scale modeling. At our get togethers, meetings and shows, grand-parents far outnumber grand-children. Many of us got our start in building cars, especially colorful race cars. Corporate greed in the form of licensing fees has all but destroyed that side of car building. There seem to be more re-releases of kits I built 50+ years ago than anything new on the shelv
  8. Wings & Wheels Modelers, an IPMS affiliated scale modeling club which meets in West Springfield presents Valleycon 28 on 25 March 2018 at the Knights of Columbus Hall 460 Granby Road in Chicopee. Doors open to the public at 9:00 am. We will have 68 vendor tables including Action Figure World, Birch Tree Enterprises, Craftec Hobbies, Farina Enterprises, The Hobby Bunker, HobbyWorld USA, Sentinel Miniatures, Time Machine Hobbies, Tom’s Trains, Tru North Paints and, Turn 4 Hobbies We feature traditional IPMS style judging for the automotive and aircraft categories whe
  9. Thanks, Nick. During the ACW, the so-called civilized tribes joined up with both sides; it appears the Cherokee may have changed sides at one point, but they had a regimental flag based on the first Confederate national flag. This guy is a corporal in one of the Union cavalry regiments. There isn't anything to identify which tribe or nation is depicted. The long hair and the box art's horizontal white stripe along the cheek bones suggest Apache, but they weren't involved in the war. As an Apache scout in the 1880's, the hat is problematic in that the Apaches chose traditional turban like head
  10. Home Guard album Sorry, this seems to be the simplest way to post from Flikr.
  11. ajlafleche

    Meng FT-17

    Meng’s 1/35 Renault FT-17 (the version without the engine.) Painted in MIG acrylics and posed with a Bayardi tree, Hudson & Allen barbed wire and a Plus Miodels Maxim.
  12. Wings & Wheels Modelers/IPMS present its 27th edition of Valleycon on Sunday 26 March at the Knights of Columbus Hall 460 Granby Road in Chicopee. Doors open at 9:00 am and we hope to be presenting awards by 3:30 pm. We will have over 70 vendor tables, including The Hobby Bunker, Sentinel Miniatures, Farina Enterprises, Birch Tree Enterprises, Craftec Hobbies, Amato’s Hobbies, Tom’s Trains, Boomers’ Books, Turn 4 Hobbies, Time Machine Hobbies, and HobbyWorld. Our contest features traditional IPMS style judging for the automotive and aircraft categories. All other categories are
  13. This link will take you to a set of videos I took at the long Island Show with my GoPro. I tended to go a bit too fast, but you can pause them at any time. It was an experiment and next time, I’ll move more slowly.
  14. Photos from this year's Long Island Showfor your enjoyment
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