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  1. LOL.....yea ya did! I saw you and your Father together at that other forum.
  2. That sure looks good Joe. Great job all around....
  3. Yea...I was too! The guy must have really wanted to run at Indy. At least he made the field....only to get taken out on the start of the race....Bummer for sure!
  4. Hey Noel....I don't come here often either. LOL OK...to answer your question on the year last front engine car ran at Indy. It was 1966. Bobby Grim drove a Watson turbocharged Offy roadster. He qualified 31st, and finished 31. On the first lap, A Huge wreck (on the front straight) took out 11 cars and him being one of them. He didn't even do a lap in competition. That wreck took out 11 cars including AJ Foyt and Dan Gurney. The following year, they were all rear engine cars. NO Roadsters. I had to go to my Indianapolis 500 Chronicle book to look that fact up. Hope that will answer your question Noel
  5. That really looks good! Clean job for sure.
  6. Hey Noel...yes...Lance Sellars is a Resin pourer and does a limited amount of race cars. When he puts a kit out(mainly on "OPEN WHEEL RACING" forum)...they are usually limited to around 30-50 kits. That also is limited to the Pre-orders he will receive on a particular car. He's working on a 66 Strike and a JP COLT right now. All are made in 1/25 scale also. There's another caster that does Indy car in 1/25 and it's Kevin Kuzman at Silver City Models. He does mostly Indy and F5000 cars. Both are very talented and make great models. Silver City sells on ebay Sellars does not. Both will do sell on the "Open wheel" forum. Here's the Link for that forum. Go in and look around..... https://mb2501.proboards.com/
  7. Man...you did a great job on both of these ICONIC cars. I've got one of the Sellers Kits in 1/25 scale that I want to build. It will be the Unser car.
  8. Try Scale finishes. Call him and make sure it's the color you want. Here's the link to the site http://www.scalefinishes.com/welcome.html
  9. Now that's a very cool Diorama David. Great job on the whole concept and the figure painting. Are you going to take this to the Nationals in Vegas this year? It would be cool to see this up close..and meeting you..Hope to see you there.. Gary
  10. Another GREAT looking F1 car! Building race cars is one of my Favorite topics also.
  11. LOL...Man...that was a very fast response Rick!!! As fast as the car is...LOL. I have that car in 1/20. Seeing your work makes me want to jump on it right now! But...way to many projects a head of it right now... It sure is a pleasure seeing your work....Thanks for posting it...
  12. Great job on this very cool car Rick. Your attention to detail is outstanding....what scale is this build??
  13. Hey Peter...ya got me going on this new product. I'm going to have to go to their site and take a look. It sounds like they're going along the same lines as the Molotow paint pens. How fast does it dry?
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