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  1. Hey Peter...ya got me going on this new product. I'm going to have to go to their site and take a look. It sounds like they're going along the same lines as the Molotow paint pens. How fast does it dry?
  2. Hey Peter...I bought the ALSA 8 oz bottle about 14 yrs ago and I still have at least 71/2 oz's left. That's the basic same price I paid for it too. I really like this stuff though. It is a little spendy but man....ya can't go wrong with the way it turns out. Here are a few pics of what I used it on... The wheels (front and rear)... front grill and bumper and the fabbed rear bumper of a 72 chevy... Also...I used it on this 57 chevy bumpers and wheels. The chrome trim is Bare Metal foil.
  3. That sure looks REAL Dak. Great job on this build.
  4. Hodges......get rid of the bitches!!!
  5. Hey Michael... you bet you can use a semi gloss(or semi flat...or just a flat clear...depending on the look you're after) on the Chrome parts. I'd forgotten about that technique. I just strip and re-shoot. But...In the case of a humungus amount of chrome like you mentioned...I think I'd cut from the spure...do the touchup on the small spots...wait a week...then apply the semi clear a little at a time. Now...Myself...I would shoot a thinned out amount thru my airbrush. You could brush it on but make sure to thin it a little. Hey Ron...you're very welcome.
  6. Hey Ron...First off...I think you'll enjoy build scale cars, if you like 1/1 cars. OK..to try and answer your questions... Personally... I strip all the chrome(using concentrated laundry bleach...Clorox is what I use) from every build that I do. The Chrome that's applied to most of the the kits are way too brite for the smaller scales. I will leave the chrome for 1/12th and larger builds. To re-chrome....I shoot a Black or Blue High gloss base coats. Alclad II has Chrome that has a little learning curve. You can use Alclad polished Aluminum as it works good too. I also use ALSA Mirror Chrome which has a small learning curve but does not rub off when dry. If you want to leave the chrome and just touch up where it was cut from the sprue...then you can use a small paint brush( 3 0 or smaller) and a dab of Model Master Chrome Silver #FS 17178. Model Master has another chrome paint but it's not as good. I've used both and this one works the best between the two. Put a small amount of paint in a mixing pallet and add a drop or two of Lacquer thinner. Don't mix it in just let the thinner hit the edges of the paint and then load you brush and apply to the spot on the part. NOW...since MOLOTOW has come out with 3 paint pens and a refill bottle...all one has to do is just touch the part with it and it's rechromed. But...the small down side of it is..it takes at least 3-4 days for it to dry. It's is remarkable how well this paint looks when applied. If you can work with the dry time...then Molotow is the way to go. You can do a search on the web and watch a a few videos that's out there on it. Well Ron...I hope I've shed a little light on the chrome thing for you. Just remember there's no right or wrong..it's what ever works best for you. Gary
  7. Thank you for the compliment Andrew....it is Appreciated...
  8. Thank you Mark...yea...I'm thinking about going to the RENTON show. If I go this yr...I'll bring it.
  9. The Sun came out for this day only...and I got a few outside pics shot.
  10. Hey Ed..thank you for the compliment... Thanks Robin...That was the idea that I wanted to bring together. A race team that ran the Western Regional circuit.
  11. This build is complete. Here are a few finished pics of it all. It's raining out (go figure) so inside shots will have to do for now. Thanks for stopping in and looking around. The finished trailer... Car loaded on the trailer... Hocked up ready for the road...
  12. Hey Doc.....did we ever get this taken care of? I've sent so much stuff out in the past 6mo....I don't remember if I sent this to you. Do you still need them? Let me know...
  13. Sorry for the late reply Wayne...man...this is a killer build. Those decals must've taken you quite awhile to apply. Getting the right sit on these cars makes or brakes the overall look and fell. You sure did a good job with that. Great looking build Wayne
  14. Thank you Rusty and Rob..for the comments and taking the time to stop in for a look. It is really appreciated...
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