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  1. TimDarrah

    1/32nd .50 cal barrel needed

    Might anyone have in their spares box a single .50 cal barrel, air cooled like was used on bombers, in their spares box? I need 1 for an armor conversion and don't need to buy an entire set. Thanks, Tim
  2. TimDarrah

    Riley #33 Mercedes AMG

    Thanks, I'll join that group.
  3. What did they put on the Nats decal sheet? I'm sure Two Bobs did a great job as always. Those that couldn't make it want to know 🙂
  4. TimDarrah

    Riley #33 Mercedes AMG

    Wayne, How long did you have to wait to get your order and did they ever reply to any e-mails you sent them? I've sent them 2 e-mails and heard nothing back. Plus they charge VAT even though it's a "non-EU" order. Tim
  5. TimDarrah

    Riley #33 Mercedes AMG

    Wayne, Thanks for the info. What decal solvent did you use? I always use Solv-a-set. Tim
  6. TimDarrah

    Question about Ejection Seats in F-5Es

    Also, didn't Squadron with their True Details line come out with a resin seat as well?
  7. TimDarrah

    Question about Ejection Seats in F-5Es

    You bet.
  8. TimDarrah

    Riley #33 Mercedes AMG

    Wayne, May I please ask why you said the decals were a pain to apply? Also, do they include a placement chart? What base color did you use for this Merc? I've ordered these same decals. Thanks, Tim
  9. TimDarrah

    Riley #33 Mercedes AMG

    Man, I just dropped 300 Euros with them. Way too much kool stuff on their web site.
  10. TimDarrah

    Question about Ejection Seats in F-5Es

    Not really, the Martin Baker in the F4 was a lot heavier in construction and layout. Here is a scan from Bert Kinsey's F-5E & F in detail & scale #5. As you can see, it looks a lot different than other ejection seats.
  11. TimDarrah

    Riley #33 Mercedes AMG

    Oh, I gotta get set of those. Looks great. You mentioned that they were a pain to apply, but probably no more so than these Renaissance decals on the Porsche or the Studio 27 "Crocodile" Audi (yep she got damaged in storage). Both were gloss white bases with decals covering the entire bodies.
  12. TimDarrah

    Question about Ejection Seats in F-5Es

    I used to work the F-5Es at Nellis back in 79-81 and they were Northrop designed seats. You had two versions, the standard and improved. The improved had a plastic cowl up and around the head rest and top of the seat. The same seat is also used in T-38s. I hope this helps. Tim
  13. TimDarrah

    2018 Nats Decals

    Thanks Mark & Jim.
  14. Just wondering if the decal sheet from the Nats will be for sale after the show? I can't make it and love to collect the various decal sheets. Thanks, Tim