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  1. Cool, well, I just discovered it. No more rolling off the table and potentially stabbing my feet ;)
  2. @Mark- I am a HUGE fan of Pegasus stuff. I have boxes of their Gothic building and ruins sprues. It'll be interesting if this new Terminator property will release some similar product for modern/future wars
  3. I've been getting into my newly organized horde of new kits ;) But I am excited for this to come up in the queue The coolest thing I've found though is that Xacto, after making knife handles for something like 487 years, finally made one with a weight at the END, and a little Lip to keep it from rolling! My feet feel safer already
  4. Thanks! I actually got my big logo sticker and clock, and I am proudly representing now.
  5. Hey Steve, I only use acrylics, It depends on the pot the manufacturer uses, and how airtight it is. I have some mid-90's Citadel paints in the Ral Partha-type flip-top paint pots that is still fresh. Citadel/Games Workshop makes new paint pots that I swear are designed to dry out and make you buy more. If the pot is sealed from outside air..it can last decades, depending on the rate of evaporation of the medium, the pigment and binder should theoretically last forever if kept sustained in the medium. Most of the Vallejo Game colors I have in the dropper bottles were from a full set I bou
  6. Thanks guys! Everyone can relax! Everything is good and messy already ;) I definitely have SPACE, that was the primary goal, basically because I hate waiting on paint to dry, this way I can work on other projects while paint dries and they never ever have to move. Parts can sit in one place for weeks if necessary without being handled.
  7. Welcome! I live just south of you in Indiana. It's good to have you!
  8. Thanks Guys! @Sprueguy- Yes I did! It took me about 3 weeks and I lost count of trips to Lowe's
  9. @Bill- Thanks! I have no idea what that color scheme was about. There were honestly office cubicle walls down here separating that area off, so It was used for some specific purpose. There is a separate Storage room on the other side of the wall as the workbench (left side). I have some steel shelving set up in there, but the Big Wooden wardrobe was fitted with a shelf to hide most of my shame collection ;) @tgidcumb - Thanks! I wish I could say I meticulously planned it out, but no, I just built one bench and kept going ;)
  10. I am! Thanks Dave! Same email address as before. I'll send you my new mailing address.
  11. Haha Thanks guys! Appreciate it. 6 months? It won't take that long ;) I've already started messing it up.
  12. So, if you haven't seen the IPMS-USA Facebook page recently, My Wife and I had the fortune of shopping for, and buying a new (to us) home. We've lived here for over a year now, but the bad part of moving is boxing up all your hobby crap. So It sat, until I got sick of looking at this basement So, I prime the 75 year old poured concrete walls and wash away the scourge of pastel squares and Gold Sponge Paint over a Victorian Red forever and ever. I start building something adequate to hold all the hobby crap I already had and ended up with this about 3 weeks and minus some folding money later
  13. Nowadays, it's sold as Pledge Tile &Floor care with Future. I swear by it for all my pre-weathering and decal needs. I've not tried the stuff labeled for wood floors, but I hear it's different.
  14. Btw, once you're hooked, check out www.DakkaDakka.com to get your regular fix!
  15. I'm so very happy to see you all infected! ;) GW used to be a much better company, but the models are stll top notch.
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