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  1. Finished the Eduard MIG 21 in 1/144th. Very nice little kit. This one is in NVAF markings. More here: http://www.percongrp.com/pelikan/aircraft/mig21_144_ms.htm
  2. Eduard MIG 21 in 1/144th scale. Going with RLM65 for the interior 'cause I think in this scale the more bluish turquoise is just too much.
  3. Wildcat

    O-1 Bird Dawg

    Lot's of flash but the fit was pretty good. The interior is fabulous. I added Mike Grant IP decals and some tape belts.
  4. Very nice as per yer usual practice.
  5. Nice job, sir. Did not know this squadron flew F4B's Not absolutley certain but it may be that only the top half of the front engine air deflector should be blue. Of course, I will defer to your references.
  6. Wildcat

    O-1 Bird Dawg

    Model USA 1/48th O-1 Bird Dog. These little guys flew at the top of our hunter-killer teams to direct the fast movers when needed. Not as agile as a loach but pretty damn close. More here: http://www.percongrp...craft/o1_ms.htm
  7. Wildcat

    O-1 Bird Dog

    Getting a little closer.
  8. Wildcat

    O-1 Bird Dog

    Actually I was using the punch for something else. I just cut the MG decals out with those squizzer things. This is really turning out to be a nice kit. Think early Classic Airframes. Lots of cleanup but the interior detail is great. Really makes you feel you could just climb in and fly it. (Well, not you, Gil 'cause Homeland Security would be all over ya') :smiley2:
  9. Wildcat

    O-1 Bird Dog

    Rained all day so I got a lot done. Just about ready to button 'er up.
  10. Wildcat

    O-1 Bird Dog

    Mike Grant IP decals done. Not a lot of work and really looks great. (Even Gil could do it )
  11. Can't believe you didn't keep the retracting gear. Sure is gonna look funky when you do the "zoom zoom" thing over you bench..... Great work, buddy.. Michael
  12. Wildcat

    O-1 Bird Dog

    Kit came with a True Details resin cockpit but the kit stuff looks better to me. Going to do the individual instruments thing next.
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