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  1. I recently was given an Iwata airbrush from a modeling friend, he also gave me an old compressor that works, but is quite loud. I don't believe the wife will like that at all. I was wondering if an air tank is a good option. My dad has a compressor that I could use at any time to fill it up and a tank is quite a lot cheaper than a compressor. Does anyone use this option? How long does a 5 gallon tank last? Thanks in advance. Brian
  2. Is there a problem with painting over enamals with acrylics, or visa versa? I tried painting Polly Scale over Tamiya and the result was cracks that looked like spiderwebs. I know these are both acrylics, but I just wanted to make sure the experts say its ok before I try it.
  3. Maybe its just me, but man do armor and plane builders pick things apart. Personally I build 1/700 scale ships, and, again it might just be me, but I know that if someone would show me a ship that had 1943 camo on a 1942 ship, that that wouldn't bother me in the least. I've heard people complaining at shows that one tank should have won over another because the green paint should have been one shade darker. Really? If minute details get you going, great, do it. But if someone does their absolute best on something, please don't critique their model to death. I've seen models that I really thought looked bad, but if the builder asked me what I thought of his project, I would find the best thing on it and compliment him on whatever it may be. After that I may try give him tips on future builds. As my wife says if you want to critisize, always compliment first. This is a hobby, it's fun, and it's supposed to be fun. I think sometimes we all get a little carried away. Sorry for the rant.
  4. Since Pollyscale paints are being discontinued I'm going to have to find another acrylic paint of choice. I was wondering if Model Master paints are similar to Pollyscale (since they're made by the same company)? If they aren't the similar what is another paint that is close to Pollyscale? Thanks.
  5. This is my wife's first time at photographing a model and I gotta say she did a great job editing it. The photo was taking on our kitchen table with brilliant sunshine. The background is me holding a leather coat. I guess I'll let her play with my models a little more often from now on.
  6. Is it necessary to thin acrylic paint to brush it on? I haven't ever done this before, I always used it straight from the bottle. If I do need to what would the ratio be, and what would be the best thinner to use for acrylics? I'm assuming water would work, but I'd rather hear it from you guys. I'm asking because I've been getting mixed responses from my friends in the modeling world. Thanks.
  7. Anybody have any tips for brushing WEM paints? Do I need to use thinner? I don't own an airbrush (yet), but I've been told they brush pretty well. Thanks for the advice. Brian M
  8. Is there a website that shows the new models that companies have recently released or are releasing in the near future?
  9. I've been told that flat coat takes care of small shiny glue spots and take the shine off decals (I asked about this a few threads down), and I was curious what brand you guys recommend and what techniques that I should use (I've never used this before). I'm going to a show this weekend and I wanna make sure the models look as good as possible. Thanks. Brian M.
  10. Hey guys. I've asked this question on a few other forums and thought I'd ask your opinions on this too. I'm curious on what you guys think about using PE. I personally don't use them... yet. Maybe its because I've only been building for 9 months or so, but my own personal opinion is that I would rather see a well painted model that an average PE job. I've seen some modelers 1/700 builds which take them months to do. I'd go nuts! Right now, for me, its OOB with the best paint job I can do. What about you guys? Thanks for your time. Brian M
  11. Hey guys. Today I put a few small decals on the ship I was building and I've noticed that when you hold them at a certain angle they start to "shine." (Not sure of the correct term) Does anyone have suggestions of what I can do to take the shine away? Thanks. Brian M
  12. I just started a new project last night using WEM paints, and I love them. I don't own an airbrush kit and the only issue I have is that after the first coat the paint started looking "lumpy." There's a streak of dark here, and another lighter streak, then dark again. I put on a second coat, and although it did help, the problem still exists. Any ideas would be appriciated. Thanks. WEM=White Ensign Models
  13. Hi Mandie. Congrats on your marriage and that is THE coolest honeymoon idea ever. Oh, a word of advice. Don't open new models together. The passion may get too great and the model may get smashed beyond recognition.
  14. I'm sure this question has been asked a thousand times of you guys, but I'm new to this forum and I always ask this of the new people I meet. Why did you get into making models? And what do you make? For me I always loved ships, not sure why. Maybe its their power and weight. Maybe its the way the slide through the water. Anyways, I look forward to your responses. Thanks for your time. Brian M.
  15. Hey, guys. My name is Brian Miller. I'm 25 and I live in Selinsgrove, PA. I build 1/700 scale ships. Why ships you may ask? Honestly I don't know. I always loved to watch naval movies, I did my senior project in high school on ships, and apparently my favorite toy as a baby was a little boat. I've only started building models about 8 months ago after my xbox died. I can't believe I wasted my time on that thing. I'm basically working through the cheap plastic ships (KGV, Tirpitz, Graf Spee, etc.). I try to do one a month, but.... well you guys know how it goes. I'm looking forward to chatting with you guys and maybe meeting a few of you at a show. Thanks for your time. Brian M.
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