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  1. Michael, The Air Force counter to the tank on the runway, is 2 A10C'c!! Nice to be onboard.
  2. Mark, Yes the Dart was the thing in it's day. We used to compete with the Langley guys every year at Tyndall AFB FL. Maitenance wise it was a hard bird to work on, initially we had a lot of down time for electronics and ejection systems. Maintenance really got challenging when it was -25' and the wind was blowing... My favorite bird was the F16. By that time in my career I was a maintenance superintendent at Luke AFB in Phoenix AZ. Still got my hands dirty when I could. I took my retirement ride in a brand new F16D!!What a ride... Nice hearing from you.
  3. Am sure glad to be with you-all. Dick I will surely send some shots of the CJ, after I build the ground support equipment that comes with it. Clair, I retired to our farm (non working) in North Central PA, place called Roaring Branch (30 miles North of Williamsport). Am looking forward to the tracked machines.
  4. Glad to be here, I am retired Air Force - 27 years. Got started in modeling back in 1961 when I became an aircraft crew chief on an F106A I have been a crew chief on F105s, F4C/D, F15 A/B/E and F16s. I was on again off again modeling depending on the world situation, I only modeled military aircraft. Currently, with the eyes getting older, I model 1:32 scale and am modeling a TAMIA F16CJ with a TAMIA P51D up next. Plans are to start modeling some armor also. Again glad to be here. RETAC
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