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  1. Excellent! The groundwork is fantastic. Makes me want to break out some of my Shenandoah figures and start painting. Russ
  2. Silas

    Creole guide

    Looks good! Like the doggie! Russ
  3. I just started a new blog, The Duckboard Gazette, a step-by-step on my adventures with a figure from the 70s: http://theduckboardgazette.blogspot.com/ I'm planning on adding another post either today or tomorrow. Russ
  4. Thanks guys! Here's a link to a blog I just started, I'm doing an S-B-S on an older figure that I picked up on EBay for six bucks: http://theduckboardgazette.blogspot.com/ Russ
  5. I'm a cheap guy too. I buy the Dollar Store tubes and keep the unused tubes in the freezer in a zip-lock bag. As far as accelerator goes, I get by using a drop or two of water. Over the years I've had the chemical kicker melt some of the more wonky-types of Eastern European plastic, so I just use water.
  6. Hi everyone, Been building models for about 40+ years and have belonged to IPMS on and off for the last 30 years or so. I was mainly an armor builder but got burned out on tanks and switched over to figures about 10 years ago. I build/paint 1/35-54mm stuff with my favorite periods being World War One, the American Civil War, the series of wars between the Finns and Russians 1939-1945 and the French Foreign Legion. Because of family and work, I don't belong to a local IPMS chapter, but since there are several nearby, I'm thinking about joining one this Fall. Regards, Russ Hammond IPMS#29260 Wheaton, Illinois
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