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  1. the series in japan is called space battleship yamato in us it was called starblazer and the name of the ship is called argo the ship your daughter is building is called black tiger 1
  2. i love your model it is beautiful but may i make a suggestion it looks too clean might want to weather it a bit
  3. watch the movie zapped there is a scene when Scott Baio first gets his powers he floats a model spaceship around his room the model spaceship looks like a early concept for the NX-01 but for the ship the used the amt millenium falcon without the sidewalls and a pair of amt refit nacelles and supports
  4. reason for the display was simple to coordinate with the opening of the dark knight rises & the amazing spider-man in movie theatres
  5. every time i see this thing i keep hearing the borg saying resistance is futile, we will add your biological and technological distinctiveness to our own
  6. question got a paint job that look frosted have tried everthing to remove paint nothing has helped any clues
  7. robin ibeleive that the end of the prequels will end with the "space jockey" ship crash landing on Lv426 and the creature/xenomorph aka queen bursting out of the pilot which i now belive to be david in engineer form
  8. i'm sorry i enjoyed the film from what i am gathering you wre expecting another alien or at least a prequel when everything Read before hand said this is not a prequel but has strands of alien DNA. espcially with then end and the alpha creature. plus keep in mind,this is not the whole story for they are two more movie planned for promeithius.
  9. as far as the revell x-wings and y-wings they are not in scale with the revell tie fighters that's why we used the mpc kits they were as for the y-wings they are going to be in a forced perspective situation since they are not in scale
  10. got a a-wing that is broke never going to build it is yours write me a dlots1701a@charter.net for your address
  11. like you i have the fine molds 1/48 great kit but for this build uneconomical, when building these i discovered the fun of building star wars subjects again, go back to the mpc's not the amt's and their warped bodies, sure they are not 100% accurate they are fun kits to build.
  12. then explain why here in Spartanburg S.C. we have 3 IPMS chapters and 1 car club
  13. on purpose. 3 different modelers are working on the x-wings we are going from red leader to red six and our star wars historian/expert looked up color schemes for all of the x-wings from red leader to red six so that is what we went by.
  14. well i have a suggestion have any of you thought about adding a tv/movie catergory to your auto catergories. a local club has done this here while not much of a turnout in the catergory it eliminates some of the "customs"
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