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  1. Kjundude1

    The Ronin

    Thanks guys. Al, that is too funny.
  2. Nice pics, Al. Thanks for sharing. Chris F.
  3. Kjundude1

    The Ronin

    Just finished this one. Trying to get back into painting, a little. Chris F.
  4. Welcome. The Georgia Mountain Modelers meet in Cumming, GA on the last Tuesday of the month at Northside Forsyth Hospital at 7:00. Please join us if you would like. Chris Fontenot
  5. Thanks, Ed. I welcome your feedback. Chris
  6. Just completed a figure that I have loved for a long time, ever since I saw Pete Garrison's version a few years back. Comments Always welcome and I think I am now ready for the Atlanta Show in Feb. Chris Fontenot
  7. There are a few good websites already out there dedicated to figure painting: www.timelinesforum.com www.planetfigure.com www.coolminiornot.com Chris Fontenot
  8. Kjundude1

    The Geisha

    Hello Ed, I like the "Lady of the Lake." Vallejos --- If you are getting brush marks, the paint needs to thinned more. For base coating I use W&N Series 7 No. 1 or No. 2. For detail I mostly use W&N Series 7 No. 0, but will go down to 00 on the finest of detail. As you said, if brush is too small it will not hold enough paint and it will dry to quickly. The key is to have a brush with a great point. Ed, thanks for the kind words. If I can answer any questions for you, please don't hesitate to send an Email. ( I was in IL. for the Chicago show MMSI last weekend.) Thanks, Chris Fontenot
  9. Kjundude1

    The Geisha

    Thanks Jim. I have been working with Vallejos for years and I am used to the consistency. Some parts need two coats. Just takes practice.
  10. Kjundude1

    The Geisha

    Thanks Gil. Everything you see is free hand painted. No decals here. Chris F.
  11. Kjundude1

    The Geisha

    Just finished this one by PiLiPiLi and painted with Vallejos. Comments always welcome. Chris F.
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