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  1. You really bring those ancient kits to life. The finish is top notch.
  2. Beautiful work. Is that a Czech squadron plane?
  3. I agree with the others, it looks great.
  4. That is a terrific piece of work. The LVT, and the figures are excellently dine. It’s also a very unique and creative story. Well done. Dennis
  5. Those a are great photos. Very nice work on the models and the photography.
  6. That’s a beautiful diorama. The details are fantastic.
  7. To get those curves you can try using a good Liner brush. Liner brushes have long bristles that are soft and hold more paint than a normal short paint brush.
  8. Very nice work. I am looking forward to seeing the diorama.
  9. Great weathering, that’s a nice model.
  10. That is beautiful, precise work. You aircraft guys always amaze me with your precision. Great work.
  11. After the bottom layer dried up I gave it a coat of thin yellow green paint. I then added the top of the chute. I wet the tissue with thinned white glue and then kept lifting it and gently blowing some canned air to keep the billowing shape. It took a while but the glue dried up pretty quickly. I painted the chute with very thin watered down paint to keep the parachute from looking solid. It was a fun project, thanks for letting me post. Dennis
  12. I started with a bass wood structure for the walls. I then glued the crushed terra cotta that I found at the craft store to simulate stones. Using one of those inexpensive micro wood choppers I chopped up wood and shingled the roof. The mud is spackle mixed with some fine sand to give it some texture. After all that set up and dried I added the parachute. I cut tissue paper in to triangular panels just as real parachutes are made. After the bottom layer I added the shroud lines using silk thread. Silk thread is expensive, but it’s thin and it doesn’t have all the fibers that cotton thread has. The paratrooper's harness and reserve chute are made of strips of paper and a few photo etched buckles.
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