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  1. Jim,

    The best way to handle the group is through email.  So I'm putting together an email list of the folks who are going to be involved with the proposal.  This will allow you to follow along and contribute if you wish.  Please forward me an email address for you and I'll add you to the list if you wish.  Mine is shipmodeler@sbcglobal.net

  2. This your first MODEL? I would be intimidated as heck. Good luck and I'll follow along.
  3. Flagship Models publishes an excellent "how to" CD that walks the beginner through the entire process. Check it out at: http://www.flagshipmodels.com/zencart/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=8&products_id=135
  4. The second I saw that photo I thought, "looks like Michael Rennie". GREAT likeness.
  5. Quite a unique idea and presentation.
  6. " My personal practice, and the only way I'd deal with them is that if I can't walk into MIM's store and pick something off the shelf, I'll go elsewhere. " Funny how word gets around when you do someone wrong. Karma?
  7. My next question was going to be,"Is a pod included"? Thanks for reading my mind. I wasn't aware there was any extra kits available.
  8. Please post pics of the finished model. I am very curious about this one and may purchase if it's designed well.
  9. I watched 2001 just last night. It will make a nice display.
  10. You're not missing anything. Believe me.
  11. I really think the NCC is on the right proactive track. Let's not attempt to fix a problem until it arises.
  12. Maybe it's me, but I don't get it and fail to see the difference with the exception of the materials used. A "plastic" model made by the big boys is designed on a computer. A 3D printed model is designed on a computer. The big boys drawings are downloaded into a CNC machine via computer. Same process is done by the 3D modeler at home or by a vendor who produces the parts. The "tool/mold" for a "plastic" model is machined by CNC by a computer from stainless steel. A "mold/tool" for a 3D printed model (if you wanted to reproduce it) is created by the modeler from RTV rubber. Both models are assembled by the modeler using virtually the same techniques.
  13. IT"S ABOUT TIME!!! I have been hoping for any studio to tell the HG Wells story as it was published. I just hope we can see it here.
  14. The figure came out well done, and a nice job on the base. On another point, it angers me when companies don't deliver what is advertised on their box art. I would be certain to ASK before purchasing another kit from those guys. On the other hand, it could have been a business decision (still no excuse for deceptive box art). The model in the box art may have cost too much to produce. I.e. the cost of the extra resin and rubber mold material needed to make the base shown on the box made it too expensive. I had the same thing happen to me on one of my model kits. It turned out just too expensive (though large and lots of parts) and as a result of the price, I have sold very few of them.
  15. Rusty White

    COOKIE !!

    Very nice...and big enough to really display.
  16. There is so much to assume reading the builder's statement that I can't really give an answer. What strikes me most from the modeler's statement was; ..."shadows and highlights painted on." By that, I can only assume that he didn't paint his shadows and highlights as others in the category did. As I said, ASSUMING that, would make an informed answer or opinion impossible. IF he chose NOT to add highlights and shadows, I can easily imagine why his entry was judged below the other figures in the category. Also, modelers are biased towards their entries that they invested lots of time and effort in. There's nothing wrong with that. It's just human nature. The biggest problem with 1,2,3 judging (as Gil mentions) is the outcome of judging ON THAT DAY. Try not to let any contest results get you down. There is always another day and another group of models to compete against.
  17. Very nice, and even with all the makeup, the resemblance is great. I especially like the base.
  18. I can foresee all kinds of confusion between ship dioramas and vignettes. For instance; what would two ships performing a hard turn in tandem be classified? Are they working together avoiding a bombing run, or just sailing along making a turn? IMHO, it could be entered in either category (modeler's choice?). To prevent a lot of confusion shuffling categories by judges at the convention, I would suggest a VERY clear explanation of both categories somewhere. I know you posted it here, but I am thinking in the rules themselves in written form maybe. Just a suggestion.
  19. It never occurred to me that those patterns were supposed to be feathers, even in the cleaner looking box art. I love the history behind stuff like this. The history of naval camouflage patterns in the second world war is absolutely fascinating.
  20. I am far more interested in the developmental history of that camouflage scheme! Where and how on Earth did they come with that design??
  21. Excellent! This was the only area of the Nats convention in '03 where I as Chairman fell short IMO. It's great to see you guys have everything well in hand.
  22. I had the same thing occur on a 1/72 scale B-70 vac form. I put so much time into that model, it made me tear up when I noticed the yellowing. I tend to think it is the Testor clear coat I used. Maybe I applied too many coats.
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