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  1. Thanks Pete exactly what I was looking for!
  2. Thank you for the replies! I guess early 70s will do.
  3. Can somebody tell me what year this car is. Crazy that they don't put a year in the plans or on the box
  4. If you glue them I don’t think you will be able to spread the Hull to get them in place. I did not glue mine till after they were in place and it worked ou quite well. Check out your instructions I don’t believe they say to glue the decks together prior to installation. I am about 1/2 done and find the kit to be a real challenge as there is a lot of parts pep sanding and trimming. Other wise it is fun to see it coming together
  5. Narampa

    Plastic Sails

    Thank you for your reply ! I have so much food for thought. I am going to experiment with different things, one thing seems for sure. The plastic sails are out.
  6. Narampa

    Plastic Sails

    Your 2 cents is valid and I agree unfortunately my wife wants to see Sails. Oh well I might have to surprise her!!
  7. Narampa

    Plastic Sails

    I am building the US Constitution and am at the point of deciding to build it with Sails or just the standing rigging. Could somebody direct me to where I can find a Video or at least some information on installing the plastic sails. There is nothing that I have found on this subject. Please I am interested in hearing from anybody who has used the Plastic sails supplied in the revelle kit 1/96 scale. I am not interested in making my own as I am to old and have limited resources. Thankyou
  8. I have a Cutty Sark kit missing the plans. I believe that it is a very old kit as I cannot locate it in the downloads section of Revel. If you have a set and can help me or maybe you have downloaded them and would be able to forward me a copy I would be forever in your dept! THE KIT # IS 0399 Thank you
  9. Thank you for your comments. I will be looking at fine scale modeler and yes I do believe you are right. I have rechecked the decks and I believe they are seated. Now that you mention it I wonder if the lower deck might be out, can't see it with the upper in place. I will continue with the assembly as I an sure I can make it right.
  10. Wow from your description it sounds like you have a lot of experience. Thank you for your comments. I have not built a model for 40 years and thought it would have been a good way to pass the time in old age. Revell wins this round mainly because of my lack of experience and a not even knowing at what point I had recognized I had a problem. Let alone my lack of being able to scribe the condition. But I have learned a lesson and will not be buying anything from Revell in the future. So what would you suggest in the future as your explanation of the problem is amazing and I could not e
  11. Hello Again Here are some picture of my model of the Constitution. The problem that I pointed out was the left rear corner, as you can see there is quite a gap and to correct this would have taken skills beyond mine. The deck and the width would have to have been altered. What I had planned to do is either display it so that the gap is not visible or cover it with a tarp or something that would be found on a ship of that era. One person that I read about actually garbaged his kit because of this. I don't have the funds to throw $150 out. The color of the hull represents
  12. Thank you. I wanted to stay with a bigger model do to my age and other issues such as fingers that really don't work as they once did. I will post some pictures in the near future .
  13. Thanks for the reply ! The kit I have is KIT#0398. I believe it is 1/96 scale. And I understand the latest kit. The Deck at the rear of the ship was too wide on one side and narrow on the other. I had to splice in material on one side and remove on the other. Not exactly what I wanted in a model kit. Looking from the rear I still have a gap. I thought at first the hull was warped but it was very uniform throughout. I have not built a ship for over 40 years and am not sure if this is the norm or not.
  14. Hello I need help in finding a good plastic sailing ship model. I purchased a Revelle kit of the USS Constitution and what a disappointment. Can you recommend a good quality ship as it must be plastic. I live in a Condo and am not able to build a wooden model even though it would be my first choice. Thank you.
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