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  1. I tried invisible thread and didn't have very good success! Will try again (practice makes perfect I guess)
  2. I'm going to see if I can get that wire. You make beautiful models!
  3. Has anybody ever used guitar stings for rigging wires? What do you use?
  4. For me what is too expensive is a model that is quick to put together. I like building and find it Well spent. If its cheap and quick to put together, it's TOO EXPENSIVE Get what I'm saying?
  5. My wife just told me not to take up ship building.🤣
  6. This confirms it. The Mk Vb was the first Spitfire to see extensive overseas service. On 7 March 1942, 15 Mk Vs carrying 90-gallon fuel tanks under their fuselages took off from HMS Eagle off the coast of Algeria on a 600-mile flight to Malta.[158]
  7. This might answer your question! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Supermarine_Spitfire_operational_history
  8. I built a model of the USS CONSTITUTION and after spending a lot of time on that project. I found their was a problem with their moulding process. You can check out my other posts. After struggling with that kit. I though it would be nice to build the CUTTY SARK. WRONG WRONG WRONG!! Checkout the attached picture. The masts are not right. I checked the plans and reviewed my work and it is impossible that I made a mistake. The two masts fit in two holes in the deck that are configured in such a way that they can only face the directions shown. Is it possible that Revell employees are smoking dope? Any Ideas?
  9. Thanks Pete exactly what I was looking for!
  10. Thank you for the replies! I guess early 70s will do.
  11. Can somebody tell me what year this car is. Crazy that they don't put a year in the plans or on the box
  12. If you glue them I don’t think you will be able to spread the Hull to get them in place. I did not glue mine till after they were in place and it worked ou quite well. Check out your instructions I don’t believe they say to glue the decks together prior to installation. I am about 1/2 done and find the kit to be a real challenge as there is a lot of parts pep sanding and trimming. Other wise it is fun to see it coming together
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