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  1. New here. Knowing the classification fits a multitude of ships, I am looking for Liners, Cargo and or Freighters that would fit the bill of the convoy ships of WW2. Have even considered using hulls of other ships to build from scratch. Any help in available kits out there would be a help. The Hawaiian Pilot is a great option but can't find it. But I am not picky. Scale is not an issue. Just not microscopic or something I need to smash a bottle champaign across the bow on. Thanks everyone. My EM: bill.pepper@charter.net
  2. Being 68 years old, nostalgia is about all I know. Thank you for the info regarding some increased interest by companies to remold and reissue some of these models. I will take your suggestion and enter my info there. I am very impressed with the apparent business like approach to this fantastic hobby and life style.
  3. I have recently retired from my second job and have pulled the tarp off the model hobby. Old ships and the sea are my second loves. But like most of us, we have one main love that keeps us busy. Family. I have spent some time searching for merchant ships of the Tramp Steamer classification. I know there are many types of Liners and Cargo ships that were offered into service in the late 30's and 40's for the war effort and ideally, there is no official designation of a Tramp Steamer. Some years ago Revell or Lindberg offered a nice set of 3 ships in one box. No longer to be found or made. Ther
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