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  1. Hi David. White lettering please. Were you able to come up with the high visibility star and bars and serial numbers/letters? Thank you, Miles
  2. Hey James. I'll check them out. Thanks.
  3. Hi David. Thank you for the reply. Yea I figured they might be difficult to come by. The kit is the Lindberg SR-71 and the scale is actually 1/184. However I figured that 1/100th would be somewhat close. Now I admit that 1/144th is questionable but depending on the aircraft they go on they might be small enough. Because the 71 is black I was trying to stay with the high visibility markings. It'll be a nostalgic build and so I'm not looking for extreme accuracy but would still like it to look passable. I mean aside from the decals it's missing a couple parts that will have to be sourced ou
  4. Hi. Throwing out a life line here. Anyone have some 1/100 or 1/144 scale USAF decals they can spare. Need the high visibility stars and bars, serial numbers, USAF, U.S. Air Force, etc. Lettering and numbers in white. Re-printed ones would be fine. Thanks, Miles
  5. Mr. Gil Hodges had some figures he could spare. Thanks, Miles
  6. Hi all. Little help needed. I've got this thing about having crew figures in my built models. For me they make the model. Well I've got a couple of Atlantis HUP-2 helicopter kits that are lacking in that department. There's not much detail in the cockpit to begin with and felt that a crew figure or two couldn't hurt. Does anyone have some spare 1/48 scale seated aircrew they could spare for a fellow modeler? Thanks, Miles
  7. Hi Robin. Been laxed checking my post. My apologies for the slow reply. I contacted Revell as you suggested and because the kit have been discontinued there are no replacement parts. I perfectly understand about hanging onto the kit you have. I'd be the same way about it. A scanned copy would be great if that's possible. Thanks, Miles
  8. Hi Robin. Yes I did see those on eBay. As you said they are a bit pricey. Haven't tried contacting Revell yet. I'll give that a go. Thank you for your help. Miles
  9. Hi everyone. I just recently acquired a kit of the Revell U.S. Army Redstone Missile and unfortunately the decals are totally shot. Was wondering if anyone might have a spare decal sheet or could possibly print me out some. Any help would be most appreciated. Miles
  10. Hello all. I've been modeling for many, many years. Been in a couple other forums in the past but never really got to involved. Hopefully I can change that this time around. My interest are military aviation and armor kits. Look forward to chatting with some of you in the near future. Matter of fact I'll be posting a request here shortly. Miles
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