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  1. tgidcumb

    Mid Tennessee ModelCon

    There was some great junior stuff there, dont see any in this batch of pics, but the kids are getting better. Watch out old dudes!!!😀
  2. tgidcumb

    Hotel Reservations

    Got mine also, no problems.
  3. They had tickets to the zoo offered if you wanted to drive on your own and not take the bus. Maybe someone from the convention crew can let us know about this. Can't think of a security risk at the zoo but anyway just looking for some clarification. Thanks!!!!!
  4. Thanks Ron, I was wanting to get tickets for the Zoo. Kids are wanting to go there on Friday.
  5. I tried to sign up for one of the tours today and the when you add to the cart it says the registration for the tours is no longer available. Are the tours all booked up? Can you get tickets at the Nationals?
  6. tgidcumb

    Best Stripper?

    Tim, I have used Easy Off oven cleaner in the past, once it sets for a bit and bubbles up you can almost wipe it off with a rag or old toothbrush etc. The unscented kind that they sell won't work but the original will. It doesn't hurt the plastic but it will strip it back down to plastic no matter how may coats you have applied.
  7. tgidcumb

    What Do Most Modelers Paint With ?

    I used Model Master for years and now I use Vallejo. Never had a finish as smooth as I do now. Been doing it for 20 years and Vallejo has given me the best finish so far.
  8. tgidcumb

    Shopping For New Compressor

    I'm just wanting something for my airbrush only, I have a big compressor to run everything else with. I was just wanting some opinions on what was on the market now from people that have experience with them. I have had 2 small Cambell Housefield compressors die this year that I have had for a long time. I just bought a Badger TC910 Aspire Pro From Amazon and got it in today. I done my first plane with it this afternoon and seems to be a good buy. I appreciate all the feedback, most of the time online reviews are skewed one way or another because the company can keep or delete your opinion. I needed some help from fellow modelers so I could get the truth of the matter. 🤔🤔
  9. tgidcumb

    Shopping For New Compressor

    I have considered CO2, I have built my own building to build models in so the storage of it wouldn't be a problem.
  10. Hey guys, one of my compressors died and I'm in the market for a new one. Can anyone give me some thoughts? Looking for something quiet and compact in the $200-400 range. Thanks!!!
  11. tgidcumb

    Is IPMS Vagabonds still active?

    I just went to there website and it works, I have listed there web address below. I was just at a contest 3 weeks ago in Tennessee and I talked to several of there members. They all had club shirts on so I'm sure there still going strong. http://ipmsvagabonds.com
  12. I will see you on Saturday. Had a great time last year and looking forward to another good contest.
  13. Dave that looks great!!! In the process of redoing my space and you gave me some great ideas that I haven't thought of before. Well done!!!!
  14. tgidcumb

    Hawker Typhoon Mk Ib " What else ! " Airfix 1:24

    That is some fine work. I follow your website and this is one of many fine builds you have done.. George we may have to classify you as an artist along with being an awesome model builder. Congrats!!!!