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  1. Sorry you have been having this issue. I find white to be the most difficult color to paint. On my 1953 and 1954 Corvette models I used a gloss clear that said it never yellows but over the years both have begun to do just that. Now for the question. Did you prime the body before painting? On my 1954 I primed the body with white primer and on the 1953 I used gray then white primers. The '54 has yellowed the most but it was built about 10 years earlier than the '53 and I learned a little more about paint. Sorry I don't have any idea why your paint dried flat but I just had to respond because I am a Vettehead and love talking about, building models of and driving Corvettes. Have a nice day and as they say in the Corvette world "Save the Wave". David Von Almen, Gentleman modeler
  2. Thank you sir! Yes i have attended a few meetings and I love it. It's my first ever club so very excited about that

  3. Hello Julio. Welcome to the forum. I see from your IPMS number you have known just how great being a member of IPMS/USA really is. I see you are in Perry, Georgia. Have you looked into the IPMS Gen. Robert L. Scott Chapter that meets and the Museum of Aviation? A great bunch of folks. I have been a member of the chapter for 35 years. Now I am their long distance member living in Hawaii. Check them out if you haven't already. Have a nice day. David Von Almen, Gentleman Modeler (in paradise)
  4. Wow! What a great read. I feel IPMS/USA is alive and well. As for shows I have to say I miss those parts of the Society the most. Living in Hawaii the shows are very far away and talk about expense of getting there - over the top. However, I am really looking forward to the 2021 Nationals in Las Vegas as Las Vegas is known as the ninth island here in Hawaii and there are a lot of flights from here to there so I will be there and hopefully with a couple of models to show off. Keep building. David Von Almen, Gentleman modeler (in paradise)
  5. Paul, Enjoy screaming down the Autobahn. I drive a Corvette Grand Sport Convertible on the island but with the average speed limit of 35mph on the island there is no screaming going on here just fun top down cruising. Have a nice day and build a model. David Von Almen, Gentleman Modeler
  6. The first thing we need to do for our own PR is talk up modeling when ever you can. Modeling is a solitary hobby mostly done by yourself in your hobby room so a Society like IPMS/USA is a great way to make new friends and meet people with like interests. My own experience came over 33 years ago when I joined my local club and was the only automotive modeler in the group. Took some time to get in with the group but I helped myself by inviting other automotive modelers I met along the way - 6 to 8. Some stayed and some left rather quickly and life took it toll also. PR is up to all of us and we have a harder time now than ever before due to the need for instant gratification that seems to be the norm today. Having recently moved to Hawaii, I was invited to an neighbor's BBQ to meet families in our neighborhood. During a conversation on history I asked the neighbor if he built models and found out the he and his oldest son had just begun doing just that. So I offered to be a resource for questions. That is how PR should be done - get out and ask. Have a nice day and build a model. David Von Almen, Gentleman Modeler (now in the islands)
  7. Wow Paul been a while. Germany is a long way from good old Warner Robins. I too have left the area and now reside on the lovely island of Oahu on the North Shore. Good to know where you are these days. David Von Almen, Gentleman Modeler
  8. Wow! this has been such fun. Reading all the things - wanting change in the National Convention & Contest, reading how folks have left the Society over the years for one thing or another, and realizing that everyone has an opinion - or at least the 18 to 20 members that have taken the time to get involved in the conversation on this thread. It all comes down to one thing - get involved, period. It is the only way change can be done. If you look at the ballot in the May/June 2019 issue (not the July/August 2019 issue as printed on the cover of the latest issue) you will find that each office being elected is unopposed! Why is that? Because we all want our ideas used but we don't want to get involved we want someone else to make the decision so we can complain! You want to change the system? Then do something about it - run for National Office. No I have never been an elected officer at the National level but I did served on the IPMS/USA Executive Board for almost 17 years. And, things have not changed in the years since I left my position on the E-Board. Have a nice day and build a model. David Von Almen, Gentleman Modeler (now in the islands)
  9. I just have to say this: What a great day it would be in IPMS/USA if "3500" votes were cast for any National election! Have a nice day and go build a model. David Von Almen, Gentleman Modeler (now building in Hawaii)
  10. Got my Journal the other day and have completed and mail my ballot. Okay, I have been reading this thread and it has become rather interesting . I see that a few folks have there opinions on the two judging systems so I want to share a few comments. I will say right off that I am in favor of the 1,2,3 judging system for the Nationals. After all this is the National Convention and Contest and the models are built by the best modelers in the world, which makes this competition completely different than a local contest or even a regional. When you reach the Nationals it is a whole different playing field. Competition is about doing you best to win but in all competition there will always be winners and losers. On the GSB side, in the largest arena in the world that uses Gold, Silver & Bronze as awards - I am talking the Olympics here - the awards are for first, second and third place. They are not awarded to every person on just how well they did in the competition. I am a certified judge in both systems but I find that in the 1,2,3 system there are judging teams that examine each entry and discuss the choices made as a team. Yes judges do have their person opinions where it comes to models but the team system help keep those opinions somewhat in check. But at the show where I judged that were GSB I was given my sheets and points scale for my area of expertise and then went out to judge on my own no team just rate the models and turn in the sheets on each model. Judging went on the from the beginning of the show until the cutoff for the judging. In this instance judges personal opinions are all that count. This whole thing is a survey and not a decision on what will be happening at the National level. I like both systems but for the National Convention & Contest I fell the First, Second & Third is the best system for that one event. We are the International Plastic Modelers Society after all and this once-a-year competition is the cream of the crop and should be awarded as such. Not just another place to pick up some hardware. Now my thoughts on challenge coins, we are modelers not the military. I have never been at beer and pizza night with my modeling friends and seen any one toss down their challenge coin. Have a nice day, David Von Almen, Gentleman Modeler
  11. Jim, I have a list of all the "Judges Grand Award" winners dating back to the first ones recorded for IPMS/USA. If you would like to have a copy just message me and I will send it to you. Have a nice day. And keep on modeling. David Von Almen, Gentleman Modeler
  12. I was very sad when I saw the first words in an email from my dear friend Fred Horky. I knew immediately what he was going to tell me and my eyes filled with tears as I read the news. Mary Jane was more than just the sweet lady at the Nationals Desk at the convention to me. We worked together for many years while I was Editor of the Journal. I like to feel that we became good friends over that time. She will be missed. "We are all travelers in this world, From the sweet grass to the packing house, birth until death, we travel between the eternities." MJ, thank you for traveling some of the journey with me and may you be "three days in heaven before the devil knows you are gone."
  13. Happy Birthday! How does it feel to be older than dirt?

  14. Thank you Mike for sharing this wonderful build. I read your post about writing for the Journal. Trust me you have the skills and the talent to write for the Journal. Heck most of your work is done with the posts you have made here. I can tell you, if I was still the editor of the Journal I would be asking you to write this build up to share with the whole society. You used techniques that all modelers can use. Please consider doing an article. The rest of us car guy would love to see it in print. Again, great build. Have a nice day. David Von Almen Gentleman Modeler
  15. Very nice job so far. I am looking forward to the finished model. Have you thought about doing an article for the Journal. I am sure that Chris would like to have one on this nice build. Have a nice day. David Von Almen Gentleman Modeler
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