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  1. The way the current schedule seems to be running with the Journal I won't see the May/June issue here in Hawaii before I leave to fly to Las Vegas for the National Convention. You guys on the mainland have the advantage on me. Your Journals arrive at least two weeks before it ever gets to the island. Anything less than first class mail comes by the "Slow Boat to China" method. See you in Las Vegas in a few days. David Von Almen, Gentleman Modeler in paradise
  2. End of discussion. Everyone needs to look at the latest update on the 2021 Las Vegas website. Effective July 31st Nevada is putting the mask mandate back into play. Everyone has to wear a mask in the in-door setting. So mask up boys. David Von Almen, Gentleman Modeler
  3. Dak, I always speak for myself. I just learned a long time ago that there is more to life than just siting at the workbench. If my model building had been "a way of life" I would have missed out on a lot of very interesting things that happened along the way. But like I said we just have to agree to disagree. I am heading to the beach this morning then maybe I will work on my convention entry this afternoon. David Von Almen, Gentleman modeler in paradise
  4. Well, I see this discussion is still alive and rolling around in the world of modeling. I think it is best to reach the point that - "We agree to disagree" period. It's a hobby guys! It is something we do in our spare time. I like to enter the Nationals - not to win but to just be at the convention and contest. If I should happen to win an award I leave happy if I don't win I still leave happy. By simply having my models sitting on the table at a National Convention with all those other beautiful models makes my day. 1,2,3 or GSB (which by the way is the same thing - G=1, S=2 and B=3) it makes no difference to me as I am there for the fun and seeing friends I only get to see once a year. Just have fun with the hobby and build what you enjoy. David Von Almen, Gentleman modeler in paradise
  5. The March/April issue arrived here in Hawaii 5 days ago so I am guessing yours should have gotten to Texas several days before that. Good luck on finding the answer. David Von Almen, Gentleman modeler in paradise
  6. Finally got my copy of the January/February 2021 issue of the Journal. Thanks to the wonderful work of our IPMS/USA Office Manager, Marie, I got my replacement copy last Saturday, April 17th. Thank again Marie. Have a nice day and build some models. David Von Almen, Gentleman Modeler in Paradise
  7. Still waiting out here on the North Shore. Been a week since you got your copy Neal. Maybe today but who knows. Tim, the Journal is not printed overseas. It is printed somewhere in the middle of the country - Wisconsin or Minnesota I think. For 16 years it was printed in Macon, Georgia (1990 to 2006) and before that it was printed in Virginia. Have a nice day and build a model. David Von Almen, Gentleman Modeler in Paradise
  8. Tim, Glad to know that the issue is out in the mail. Been waiting on it here in Hawaii and I am still waiting. But then I do live at the end of the mail line. Got my November/December issue the first week in February so am guessing it will be April before mine gets here. Not exactly sure what the hold up is on the part of the Journal team but it must be something big. Seems that over the years the release time slips a little more with each issue. Have a nice day and keep on building. David Von Almen, Gentleman Modeler in paradise
  9. Well the issue arrived yesterday, February 6th. Another nice issue. BTW Carlos, I don't "catch" waves. At my age that is an accident waiting to happen - drowning is bad but a broken hip last a lifetime. But I do go down to the beach everyday to enjoy the wonderful scenery. By down to the beach I refer to the fact that our house is 700 feet above sea level on mountain along the North Shore. We can see the ocean from our deck just not the beach, which is 2 miles away. As for island time, I know all too well about that. Had it explained to me by a worker that took 9 weeks to finish a 2 week (on the mainland) project. It is called Hawaiian Time here and it means "we will get to it when we get to it!" Okay I will go work on one of the many modeling projects I have on my workbench. Have a nice day. David Von Almen, Gentleman Modeler in Paradise
  10. Very nice job. Keep on building those models. Have a nice day. David Von Almen, Gentleman Modeler in Paradise
  11. I agree. Very, very nice. Never built the General but did like the TV show. Have a nice day. David Von Almen, Gentleman Modeler in Paradise
  12. Mark, The Goat looks great. Nice choice for the color. I am working on several projects at once so I have something in the works while other stuff dries. Maybe I will get around to posting a few pictures one day. Have a nice day and keep building. David Von Almen, Gentleman Modeler in Paradise
  13. Well it is January 30th and the Nov/Dec issue of the Journal has still not made it to the islands. Guess I will get it someday. Have a nice day and build a model cause we aren't out of the woods yet. David Von Almen, Gentleman modeler in the islands
  14. Pete, Great news. But remember to bring your mask. Life will be very slow getting back to anything close to normal any time soon. Hate to bust your bubble but for the vaccine to really help there needs to be about 80% of the country vaccinated. Have a nice day. David Von Almen, Gentle Modeler in Paradise
  15. I finally got my Sept/Oct issue of the Journal here in Hawaii a few days before Thanksgiving. Since I do not do Face Book I have to rely on the forum for news on the mailing of the Journal. From the look of Marie's FB post of Jan. 6th I am guessing that the Nov/Dec 2020 issue will be in Hawaii some time in February or early March - about the time I would be looking for the Jan/Feb 2021 issue. Guess Covid has slowed down everyone. Have a nice day. David Von Almen, Gentleman Modeler in the islands
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