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  1. I was very sad when I saw the first words in an email from my dear friend Fred Horky. I knew immediately what he was going to tell me and my eyes filled with tears as I read the news. Mary Jane was more than just the sweet lady at the Nationals Desk at the convention to me. We worked together for many years while I was Editor of the Journal. I like to feel that we became good friends over that time. She will be missed. "We are all travelers in this world, From the sweet grass to the packing house, birth until death, we travel between the eternities." MJ, thank you for traveling some of the journey with me and may you be "three days in heaven before the devil knows you are gone."
  2. Happy Birthday! How does it feel to be older than dirt?

  3. Thank you Mike for sharing this wonderful build. I read your post about writing for the Journal. Trust me you have the skills and the talent to write for the Journal. Heck most of your work is done with the posts you have made here. I can tell you, if I was still the editor of the Journal I would be asking you to write this build up to share with the whole society. You used techniques that all modelers can use. Please consider doing an article. The rest of us car guy would love to see it in print. Again, great build. Have a nice day. David Von Almen Gentleman Modeler
  4. Very nice job so far. I am looking forward to the finished model. Have you thought about doing an article for the Journal. I am sure that Chris would like to have one on this nice build. Have a nice day. David Von Almen Gentleman Modeler
  5. Welcome to IPMS/USA and the forum. I build models for the fun and relaxation (sometimes frustration). I build automotive subjects most of the time, expecially Corvettes. I have loved cars all of my life and through modeling I can own just about any car there is without all of the expense. After joining IPMS/USA I ventured into some of the other areas of the hobby and have enjoyed those trips. I am currently building a ship model. It poses different problems but I am learning new techniques that I can bring back to my cars. I can say that I am a modeler that is continuously in the build mode. For 17 years I was the editor of the IPMS Journal and during that time my modeling time was very limited. Now I am trying to get to my collection of kits and build as many as I can. My local club has and is a wonderful place to learn and just visit with friends that share the same interest. Our group has a once a month build meeting, which gives us the time to just visit and build together (and sometimes the stories outshine the building). Thanks for asking and keep modeling. David
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