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  1. I finally got my Sept/Oct issue of the Journal here in Hawaii a few days before Thanksgiving. Since I do not do Face Book I have to rely on the forum for news on the mailing of the Journal. From the look of Marie's FB post of Jan. 6th I am guessing that the Nov/Dec 2020 issue will be in Hawaii some time in February or early March - about the time I would be looking for the Jan/Feb 2021 issue. Guess Covid has slowed down everyone. Have a nice day. David Von Almen, Gentleman Modeler in the islands
  2. Don't count on it coming to an end in 2021 - early or late. I just hope the 2021 National Convention in Las Vegas doesn't get shut down like the 2020 Convention. I am really looking forward to being able to spend some time with modelers. Have a nice day and build a model or two with all this extra time on your hands. David Von Almen, Gentleman Modeler in the islands
  3. Mark, Thanks for sharing. Glad to see someone building models during these crazy times. I am trying to get some stuff finished but like you my painting is not the best plus I live on an island where it rains almost everyday this time of year. I am having to learn new techniques in the paint area. But as the old saying goes - Practice makes perfect. Keep on building. Have a nice day. David Von Almen, Gentleman Modeler in the islands
  4. Welcome back to the group. Have a nice day. David Von Almen, Gentleman Modeler
  5. Dak, Great job. Reminds me of the back room at the Habitat ReStore. Have a nice day and keep on modeling. David Von Almen, Gentleman modeler in the islands
  6. Welcome to IPMS/USA. It is a great place to meet fellow modelers and if you are a remote modeler it keeps you in touch with the hobby. Have a nice day and model on. David Von Almen, Gentleman modeler in the islands
  7. Wow, these sound great to me. One question - do you ship to Hawaii? Have a nice day. David Von Almen, Gentleman Modeler on the island
  8. Rick, Nice job on these cars. Open wheel racers are really nice when detailed like you have them. Thank you for sharing them on the forum. David Von Almen, Gentleman modeler
  9. Mark, Very nice work. I really like the small scale cars but my eyes just don't like them much any more. Thank you for sharing. David Von Almen, Gentleman Modeler
  10. Very nice job. I like both the forklift and the pallet jack.. David Von Almen, Gentleman Modeler
  11. Wonderful build. I really like the Pixar lamp logo. David Von Almen, gentleman modeler in the islands
  12. Sorry you have been having this issue. I find white to be the most difficult color to paint. On my 1953 and 1954 Corvette models I used a gloss clear that said it never yellows but over the years both have begun to do just that. Now for the question. Did you prime the body before painting? On my 1954 I primed the body with white primer and on the 1953 I used gray then white primers. The '54 has yellowed the most but it was built about 10 years earlier than the '53 and I learned a little more about paint. Sorry I don't have any idea why your paint dried flat but I just had to respond
  13. Thank you sir! Yes i have attended a few meetings and I love it. It's my first ever club so very excited about that

  14. Hello Julio. Welcome to the forum. I see from your IPMS number you have known just how great being a member of IPMS/USA really is. I see you are in Perry, Georgia. Have you looked into the IPMS Gen. Robert L. Scott Chapter that meets and the Museum of Aviation? A great bunch of folks. I have been a member of the chapter for 35 years. Now I am their long distance member living in Hawaii. Check them out if you haven't already. Have a nice day. David Von Almen, Gentleman Modeler (in paradise)
  15. Wow! What a great read. I feel IPMS/USA is alive and well. As for shows I have to say I miss those parts of the Society the most. Living in Hawaii the shows are very far away and talk about expense of getting there - over the top. However, I am really looking forward to the 2021 Nationals in Las Vegas as Las Vegas is known as the ninth island here in Hawaii and there are a lot of flights from here to there so I will be there and hopefully with a couple of models to show off. Keep building. David Von Almen, Gentleman modeler (in paradise)
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