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  1. I just have a quick question that I hope someone can answer. I have asked a few members about this but get a split answer and I apologize if it has been answered and I overlooked it in a previous response. is bare metal foil allowed or not? I know with the new BKB category they are trying to get back to the basics which I understand. And I know they don't want numerous "can we do this or add this" questions. But the only reason I ask is that they say you can add aftermarket decals for various reasons so basically bare metal foil is a decal. I just would like to know if adding bare metal foil to a automotive entry for windshield trim and side trim will knock me out of BKB and put into a regular class. I have entries in both BKB and regular classes but would like to keep a BKB in that class if possible. Thanks in advance for any help or answers. Rocky
  2. Ok I have read all the comments on this subject, and I have a question I would like to ask. Most all the comments have referred to planes, ships and a couple military related type kits. Being a mainly automotive builder, I am confused is to whether we would be allowed to use bare metal foil or not. This would also be a concern for the plane guys as well. I know it says they are wanting to get back to what comes in the kit and not use anything like pe and such, even if in the kit. But they do say we can use an aftermarket decal sheet in the new BKB just like we did in OOB to make a different version of what is in the box. But there is no mention of bare metal foil. It looks like if they would allow aftermarket decals than they would still allow bare metal foil as in the past. I have one I am working on now and one in line to do for out of box and both of course would have bare metal and the one in line has pe in the kit, which I now know will have to go in factory stock due to the pe. But if you build an automotive and don't use bare metal you have a basically a toy looking model. Yes, there are paint alternatives (spas-tix, alclad, molotow, etc.) but they will not do justice to bare metal. So just wondering thoughts on using bare metal or if anyone actually knows if this will be allowed. I have to agree with others as well that this change should have been done after Omaha. They possibly could have done a Q&A for an hour or so to go over this new category and answer all these questions everyone has in person. I know what they are trying to accomplish, and I appreciate they are working to make if more uniform and less confusing for this class. But I'm not sure they realized there would be so many scenarios on this.
  3. Just wondering if anyone has received a Journal since the March/April issue or is the Journal running behind. Sorry if I missed something about it being behind if so. Rocky
  4. Just curious if anybody has received any issues of the Journal after the July/August issue. I know it doesn't show one after that on the website but I would think we should have one or two more by now. I just want to make sure I have no issues missing. Thanks in advance for any reply's about this. Rocky
  5. Just wondering if anyone has received their new Journal yet. I was thinking it was due this month. I could be mistaken though. Thanks Rocky
  6. Just wodering if anyone has received their July/August Journal yet. Seems like it’s running a little late this time. Thanks Rocky
  7. Been an automotive modeler for years and starting to give armor a try. My question is what Vallejo or Tamiya colors do you use for modern armor. Both Vallejo and Tamiya have sand, tan, yellows and such but would like to know some basic colors to start with from their lines. Rocky
  8. Got my stuff in the mail today as well. The excitement is building now. Rocky
  9. Not sure if this the right place to ask this or not but figured I could get some input. I'm looking to sign up for a online photo storage site to post pictures and was wondering which is best,. I see where most either like Phtobucket or Fotki. Which is best overall or bang for the buck so to speak. Or are their other sites better? Thanks for any help. Rocky
  10. Not sure how accurate this is, but I have heard Tidewater, Atlanta and Columbus are three of the clubs presenting bids. Again not sure if this a accurate list. Just what I have heard. Rocky
  11. I have been an automotive modeler for years and have finally decided that it's time to start on some different projects, mainly fighter type aircraft. My question is how do you apply decals over flat paint? I have noticed most military planes have flat finishes, but decals usually adhere better to a glossy surface. Do you put a coat of gloss than go back and do a flat coat? Any tips would be greatly appreciated. Rocky
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