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  1. Hey there again you guys have been very helpful with the chrome issues, now I have another question would anyone know where can I find the metallic powder to put in the clear coat to get the metallic look I have seen on a few models.thank you Ronald
  2. thanks Gary so much for your knowledge of model cars and the info on the chrome mystery I will look in to both ideas the model master chrome silver and the MOLOTOW again thanks P.S I know who to ask for help with model cars, along with anyone else who wishes to help as well Ronald
  3. Hello there to all car modelers thinking about changing my modeling interest to cars but would like to know before I do how do you car guys and gals deal with the chrome parts on the sprues, once removed there will be a spot or other areas that will need to be cleaned up and will show bare plastic, my questions do you remove/ or strip all the chrome then clean up the imperfections like mold lines etc. and then re-chrome the parts if so which is the best re-chrome paint, case in point the revell T-bucket which has a lot of chrome in the kit how to go about building that kit the right way, I would appreciate any help in that area, P.S. I know Donn Yost is a very car modeler and tried to ask him the same questions but he will help me unless he soo busy that he no time to reply back to me thank you Ronald
  4. Thanks Mike I understand now about how the real thing works as far as the model goes it's my choice Ronald
  5. Hello there I was watching a you tube modeler build a Tamiya 1/48 scale Tomcat and notice he build the engines in two different ways one engine was wide open and the other almost closed since I do not know to much about jets or modeling them is that the correct way to model the engines, forgive me for asking but having the engines look different looks funny If I was modeling a jet I would have the engines the same accurate or not Ronald
  6. I do not understand the printer as in the machine or the person running it was late I never heard of a machine being late was it human error, this use to never happen before
  7. Hello there I have not received my November/December issue of the journal yet and we are in January first it was the September/October issue being late now this one what gives Ronald
  8. Thanks Guys for the info GIL what is a NMF model Ronald
  9. Hello fellow models I need to know if anyone has built the old aircrafts with raised panel lines such as the 1/48 B24 liberator or Lancaster and if so how do you pre-shade or even paint those aircrafts, I've done several aircrafts in the past but the were recessed panel lines, or should I ask if I should concern my self about panel lines at all I appreciate any suggestions or recommended and ideas thank you Ronald
  10. Thanks Dave I believe it is it has Eduard on the fret but just in case how can you tell if it's not a Eduard set Ronald
  11. Hello fellow modelers I need help here I'm missing the instructions to a set of eduard 1/48 scale photo etch the numbers that I found on the fret are as followers AC 18 0200 3000 Vindicator seat belts they are for the rare accurate miniature Vindicator I purchased the kit on E-bay and it came with a set of mask and a set of photo etch seat belt but no instructions, now if no one seems to have any could some one e-mail me some simple instructions for installing a basic seat belt or are they all different I would appreciate any information you can send my way thank you Ronald
  12. Thank you John that would give me some idea on how to paint the solid ones Ronsld
  13. Sorry about that but there was no other way to explain let me try to explain another way, after the second deck there is no third deck for this Model since it is a plastic kit so they have tiny Holes for thise decks to glue the guns in wish I could send you photos of the model
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