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  1. Homemade vac-form rigs can be made from stuff found around the house: I made this little "mini-former", but never made the perforated base plate for it. Some PC prototyping board would work well. A simple plunge-former just consists of a piece of plywood with a slightly oversize hole cut for the master to pass through: The trick is you need to plunge from the side the sheet plastic is, so I use the light from the flame to "see" where the hole in the plywood is. HTH
  2. I went back in 2016, and it was a blast! A very different experience compared to the US Nationals. The vendor/SIG area was staggeringly large - I was getting tired walking back and forth the length of the 3 combined halls. The year I went, the vendors mostly had airplane and military related stuff. There was only one car specialist vendor, but the focus was on 1/43. The contest area was small, but the build quality was exceptional. One of our best modelers entered and only got a “commended”. The Cornish pasty from the food vendor was really good! And RAF Cosford is just a short train ride from Telford, definitely worth seeing. But bring an umbrella if the weather is inclement - my friend and I got drenched on our way in. We were soaked to our skivvies and didn’t dry out till we were on our way out. We did buy some spiffy Red Arrows umbrellas though.
  3. Ah yes, the classic case of the most of the host. We had a weatherman here that used to stand in front of the weather map and gesture wildly with both arms, completely blocking the view. If one is not camera-friendly, then staying out of the frame is a good idea. If you look like a movie star, then OK show yer mug. But people want to see the model, not perfect shining white teeth. And if a major disaster strikes, it might be helpful to document it, but don’t dwell on it. Just focus on the recovery procedure. So basically, good lighting and camera angle, organized work area, well scripted and rehearsed presentation, and a little self-deprecating humor will go a long way to making a good, watchable video.
  4. Personally, I don’t like it when the host blathers on and on about unrelated things for 10 minutes. You know, like how he had the best tacos today at some place he can’t quite remember, but the tacos were so good mmmmmm. Or wondering where his left sock went, and going off on a tangent about inter-dimensional laundry dryer theory and such. Eating / chewing while doing the video is also a turn-off. And swigging drinkies between lines. I like hosts who are organized and prepared - it drives me nuts to have to sit through several minutes of the host digging around off-screen to find something, all the while losing his train of thought. Gah. If I had a channel, I would expect to be immediately bombarded with reaction videos with morons doing all of the above. But since I don’t, the wiseacres can just suck it. Guys like Plasmo and Nightshift are good in my opinion. But they do gloss over some nuts and bolts stuff that would have been informative to see. I do like self deprecating humor. The uber-experten who don’t even smile turn me off. I mean… why so serious? Good luck on your videos, and hope a lot of people smash that “like” button!
  5. No silly at all, since there always was a nod to technological evolution of the MS designs in Gundam. But the Hi Mobility Zakus had solid horizontal ribbed soles with no thrusters, which I thought odd. I suppose the Zaku backpack flap is a retcon of the original design, which lacked thruster detail.
  6. For those who watched the movie, did anyone notice two peculiarities - Doan’s standard Zaku had a moveable flap on the backpack that exposed the rocket engines when in use, and the Hi Mobility Zakus just had solid ribbed soles instead of the expected thrusters and skirts like on a Dom?
  7. Very nice! What’s next? The Gundam? Or a GM that has fallen on and busted its head? 😜 Poor Sleggar, I was not expecting that to happen!
  8. Yep, “Pee” Bandai. https://www.gundamkitscollection.com/2022/09/bandai-hobby-teases-hg-1144-high.html?m=1 Curse you Bandai, for urinating on the aspirations of Gunpla fans outside of Japan. Bandai-San, you sakku. 😡
  9. I wonder what Sunrise/Bandai was thinking when they designed the damage on Doan’s Zaku. Were there hungry mice on the island? I know the “long nose” thing was homage to the old TV show, but I dunno, I’m not really a fan of it. At least they didn’t do a “tall head” Gundam! 😜 So are you going to make a rock for the Zaku to throw? How about the Brown Tristars, I mean the Southern Cross, Hi Mobility Zakus? Does the Bandai kit allow you to make any one of the five? Wow, 5 Pee Bandai kits - sounds expensive! Curse you Bandai. I was fortunate enough to get to see the movie last week in the theater, and enjoyed it. The theater was pretty empty, probably because it wasn’t Wing Gundam. 🤮
  10. Good job Mark! I took the Red pill, because my friends told me it was like candy!
  11. Yeah Thunderbolt was too over the top for my taste. The weapons fit looked like they were designed by little kids trying to stick as many guns, shields and boosters on as possible. And the two main characters were highly unlikeable - the Zeon pilot was a wet blanket, the Feddie pilot was a vicious jerk. The animation was pretty good though. Mark, better take the Blue Pill if you don’t want to fall into the Gundam rabbit hole.
  12. The Dom 2.0 (or is it really a 1.5?) improves the leg jointing and has some new arm parts. The rotary hips is a feature all mech kits should have. The only downer is that the parts that used to be ABS are now molded in that sucky KPS styrene. It’s like going back to 1980 when kits didn’t have poly caps. Well, separate bases take up less shelf space, so your approach makes sense. Have you done or are planning to do a Gundam “Last Shooting” or Gundam vs Gouf dio with the Gouf losing both arms?
  13. You have quite the collection of One Year War mobile suits! Is the G-3 Gundam going to be taking on a Zeon MS? Char Dom perhaps?
  14. Zakuformer, be careful - you risk losing your Zeon lapel pin for that remark! 😝 Seig Zeon, down with the Feddie Earthnoids!
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