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    Collecting model boxes to study the long term effect of dust accumulation.

    Complaining about stuff.
  1. I’m also in Hawaii (Oahu) and received my copy on Monday, so it’s probably some random thing.
  2. I have been lucky to be fully employed throughout this pandemic. Hawaii relies on tourism for about half it’s economy, so lots of other guys have been hit really hard over here. Most people I know are not tied directly to the visitor industry however, so most have been working at home. But two have been laid off, one with their shop permanently closing. My building has increased a bit, but more from being inspired by others than having any more free time. Kit sales have been brisk over here, so I am taking the opportunity to thin out the stash. A friend mentioned that all this st
  3. Has anyone tried to book more than one room? I made one reservation, but do not see a provision to add another room.
  4. Nice! I don’t see the clear kits finished very often. Nice poses as well. Most of the times people just stand the kits straight up and down. So boring. It drives me crazy when the feet are pidgeon toed or they are not flat on the ground. I look forward to seeing more of your work!
  5. Mark, The kits in the flyer were mostly from the Japanese animated TV show “Dougram”. Max Factory in Japan has been issuing new tool kits of the mecha and vehicles: https://www.1999.co.jp/eng/search?typ1_c=102&cat=&state=&sold=0&sortid=0&searchkey=Dougram&spage=1&Make=Max+Factory
  6. The blackout is for the insides that have no frame details. It goes a long way to hiding the kit plastic as well as creating enhanced shadows. The downside is that it may not be feasible for people who don’t paint the outside of their kits, since the blackout can sometimes be seen through the parts. Awww nuts. Marie Kondo?! A sworn enemy of the Stash! My goof. Gouf? They say Marie Kondo, I say Kazuhisa Kondoh. She says de-clutter, I say buy shares in zimmerit paste and smartguns! I stopped buying the Japanese model mags like HJ because they keep getting bigger a
  7. Well, I personally don’t like the crazy hinged left/right torso thing, even if they allow the Gundam to do rapper poses in the hood.
  8. Bandai is upping the poseability of their Gunpla kits, which is a good thing. You could not achieve those “anime poses” OOTB back in the day. I did my share of joint replacements and am glad the newer kits are better in this respect.
  9. Great comments guys! I’m not about converting people to sci-fi/Gunpla, I just want everyone to enjoy what they build and let others build what they want. Community. Brian, I’d love to see what you are “Kondoh-ing”, as I really like his aesthetic. I was able to get 1/220 resin kits of the Breda and Buran in Japan back in the 1990s. I believe the maker was Kotobukiya, but the brand label was "Goikken Muyo" - "Your Opinion Is Not Needed"! B-Club mag did a fantastic scratchbuilt Kondoh Geara Doga made around a stop motion armature, one of my all-time favorite magazine
  10. To ease fears that Gunpla is taking over the hobby (it is, actually), here is a pic of my friend's first airplane model kit, a Tamiya Bf-109E: He had no idea how to build and paint an airplane model when he started, but we gave him advice and I think it turned out rather well. He liked it too, and so has begun collecting more aircraft kits to build. He was also interested in armor, and after a few tries, decided that he preferred 1/48 scale. This is his Tamiya 1/48 Tiger I, with the accessory zimmerit stickers: And though I build at a snail's pace, here is my second Gu
  11. Sometimes they go scale. A friend who started off snapping Gundam kits together became interested in 1:72 WW II aircraft and 1/48 armor. We helped him get started and now he is quite good at building them. He has become a huge Tamiya fan. The Model Gods must be smiling on him, as he met Mr. Tamiya and had lunch with him at last year’s All Japan Hobby Show! I told him he’d better go have lunch with Mr. Kawaguchi (Bandai’s de facto PR front man) next. And while I personally dislike World of Tanks, I do realize that the game is stimulating interest in armor modeling in kids. I had
  12. And yet I hear the same thing told to me over and over again. It gets old after 25+ years in IPMS. Anyway, enough of my rant. I just wanted to praise Jerry’s nice diorama. I really liked it a lot! Jerry, if you can, i’d like to see more detail photos, to see what characters are in the crowd!
  13. Thanks Maddog! I feel the need to defend the genre, not only Gunpla but all other genres that are not airplane/tank/ship/car. That is what IPMS should be about to ensure its continued existence. Here are some pics I took back in 2016: This is the RX-78-2 Gundam, the one that started it all in a TV show back in 1979. The show's early history was similar to Star Trek - it originally did poorly in ratings, but became a smash hit once in syndication. The rest, as they say, is history.
  14. A big shout out to Jerry Escobedo-Sainz for his diorama of the Odaiba Gundam display! I visited the site back when they had the RX-78 Gundam, and have to say Jerry captured the scene to a tee! He even did the little bus gift shop! The current Unicorn Gundam that resides there does a light show in the evenings, which the Gundam did not. When the RX-78 first went on display, it looked kind of like an amusement park prop, but details and stenciling were added by the time that I saw it, and it looked pretty realistic, especially the inner joint mechanisms. I’m sure the Unicorn Gundam has
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