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  1. Don't know when the picture of the Russians was taken. But, if it was long enough ago, and they were Soviets, they probably earned most of them. The Soviets loved to hand out medals, but during the Great Patriotic War, the Russians who had only a few medals were often the ones who didn't make it.
  2. From the 2021 National Contest Rules (underlined italics for emphasis): II. CONTEST DEFINITIONS AND JUDGING 1. Judging. Models will be judged for skill in construction, finish, realism, and scope of effort; accuracy may be used as criteria for determining final ranking for similar model subjects. In short, accuracy is a final ranking criterion or a tie breaker. I encourage all to read the rules. Though not germane to this discussion, I really encourage all to read the category descriptions.
  3. Your flesh work is remarkable. Incredible blends.
  4. Not my Charlie Brown, but an imaginative speculation. Caught my attention.
  5. Thulsa Doom. Long time since I've been reminded of him ... and Conan, of course. Nice work.
  6. Highlander

    Ep. 4 Leia

    Nice makeup on the face. Well done.
  7. Great sculpt, great painting. The eyes really carry it off.
  8. Lot of animation in the face. Good work.
  9. Particularly like the paratrooper.
  10. Impressive sheer fabric.
  11. Great Quasimodo. Brings back memories.
  12. Agree. OOB and GSB have been the bone that the IPMS dog has worried for years now. Looks like GSB is nowhere on the horizon, but the OOB issue is constant, fueled by manufacturers who, over the years, put more and more in the box.
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