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  1. I see you chose wisely in selecting a Marine subject.
  2. Or scratchbuilt? If you live outside the USA, coming to a National Convention might be fun.
  3. If you haven't taken them to a Nats, I suggest considering it. Perhaps the Miscellaneous category?
  4. Great advice from Gil on the decals ... I'm amazed that they are the originals. For a 1984 kit it is an incredible build. Kudos.
  5. That is a busy paint job ... an unusual approach. But a good result.
  6. Highlander

    RAF Pilot

    Spot on. Though he looks a it out of scale in the aircraft photo. Perhaps a review of parallax?
  7. That kit has always been a POS. You've done a remarkable job.
  8. I have found the Maid of Orleans to be a problematic subject. First, the models were not very good and she is a tough subject to paint. I think you've done the best I've seen. She comes across having minimal makeup which creates a more reatistic and historic tone. The subdued, desaturated color scheme only strengthens the impression. A very, very good bust.
  9. It is essentially a matter of geometry and optics. In an ideal judging world, each model would be placed on an individual stand perfectly lit by several banks of dedicated lights -- where the judges could walk completely around it, view it up close, view it from afar, view it from above, and view it from below. Would require a venue about the size of Utah and a budget about twice that of the US's.. But with multiple models on tables which allow only one side from which a judge can view (sometimes two), covered with models, some of which are only inches from each other, some of which are teetering on the edge, some of which are at the absolute back of the table, some of which are lighted and some of which are in the darkness -- it becomes absolutely necessary to move models. Add to that the common practice, not yet mentioned, by contestants who enter their entries later or who decide that their chances for recognition are improved by optimal placement -- moving other entries already on the table. Yes, I said, "...common...". Cause I've seen it hundreds of times. Models get moved. Some out of necessity, some out of convenience, some of out competitiveness. With the introduction of reality, we do the best we can.
  10. And, once again, the judges have to adjust on the fly ... attempting to advise which category an entry should be placed in, moving an entry to another category, and, believe it or not, trying to serve the membership in the best way possible given the changing definitions and circumstances. So, consider a little slack when definitions are ambiguous and categories are not perfectly clear.
  11. Really smart move by using a photo as a model ... for your model.
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