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  1. I also made my reservation yesterday online with no problems. Group rate for all 4 nights. Originally they said it would go live the 20th but glad it was a day or two earlier as I was traveling all day today.
  2. I believe it's July 26-29, 2017
  3. First off I just want to say a BIG thank you to all that had a part in this year's convention. Having been to the 1982 convention in St Louis and than the '83 convention in Phoenix before taking a long hiatus from the hobby I've been to the last two conventions. It is amazing how the convention/hobby has grown, which is a good thing for the hobby but as was mentioned above it takes a bigger venue and more manpower to hold the convention which may exclude some chapters from bidding on the convention. Attending the bid meeting I was prepared to go either site in '17 and heard nothing but good comments from from all that were at the recent conventions in Omaha and Phoenix. It seemed to me Omaha had a little stronger bid at this point, as Phoenix was just getting started in the process. But I left the presentation confident that whoever got the convention would do a great job, and I would go. 371 days to Columbia!!
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