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  1. All are outstanding, being a former artillery officer I'm drawn to the M109.
  2. sprueguy

    Arizona 1916

    Here is the last of three works I've started over the years, and finally got around to painting. The mounted figure I did about ten years ago and started working on the setting figure sometime later. Both figures are made out of recycled plastics. Most of the mounted figure is from an old HP printer case. There is a howto in this forum and I'll leave a link if anyone is interested.
  3. sprueguy

    Marine 1779

    Thanks for the advice. It's done with old spue and other scraps of plastic
  4. sprueguy

    Marine 1779

    This is a 1/16th sculpt I've been working on for a long time. Used some extra time off to finish it. The figure is a Marine stationed on "the fighting top" around the 1779 time frame. My painting and photography skills are some what lacking any advice would be welcomed.
  5. Here are some pictures of a 1/10th US soldier 1846, I just finished.
  6. Vert interesting figure, enjoyed looking at it.
  7. nice job making the top sheer looking.
  8. sprueguy

    US Soldier 1846

    Here are a few shots of my latest 1/10th work. It is a bust of a US soldier during the Mexican American war of 1845
  9. That is a fantastic piece. You did an great job painting it. Outstanding job on the jacket, the best I've seen.
  10. Really a cool build, great for 1/72d scale
  11. great work, overall very good likeness, the base is fantastic.
  12. Hard to believe how old this kit is, but you made it great. Your motto should be MAGA 'Make Aurora Great Again".
  13. Love a good B-17 model, yours is great
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