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  1. sprueguy

    1916 Arizona

    I'll make the next one a SBS.
  2. sprueguy

    1916 Arizona

    With US troops deployed to the boarder with Mexico, I thought I'd post this work I started in 2016, to show how little History changes. The figure represents A US soldier (National Guardsman) on duty on the US/Mexico boarder. This 1/24th scale figure is of a US Inf. soldier just prior to the US intervention into Mexico. The figure is made from sprue and this coat of paint is used to detect flaws in the figure. A little more sanding/filling and it should be ready to paint. Any advice or thoughts would be welcomed.
  3. sprueguy

    WIP US Marine 1776

    Thanks for the kind words
  4. sprueguy

    US Marine 1776

    These are a few update pictures of a Cont. Marine firring from the fighting top. This coat of paint is used to find flaws in the sculpting and is not ment tobe a primer coat.
  5. sprueguy

    IT's Pennywise

    That is some real great paint work...really creepy...love it!
  6. sprueguy

    WIP US Marine 1776

    Thanks Gil: yes sir both figures are made from sprue. The basics are: take a small portion of sprue on the end of a wood burner and build up the plastic. For repetitive piece guns, canteen, ect, I'll make a master out of sprue, then make silicone mold and heat plastic with a toaster oven,then push the soften plastic to fill the mold, (Kind of a poor man's injection molding). The WW2 figure was added to show they do look better.
  7. sprueguy

    WIP US Marine 1776

    Here are a few WIP of a Marine I'm working on. The figure is 1/16th and made entirely out of sprue. I wish my photography skills where better. They look better finished
  8. sprueguy

    M4A1 at Kaserine Pass

    Sorry I'm so late with a reply. Really need to write down my passwords! I'm in Amarillo Tx.
  9. sprueguy

    Kuznetsov Trumpeter 1/700

    Great video enjoyed it vary much.
  10. sprueguy

    M4A1 at Kaserine Pass

    Nice build. I like the early Shermans' myself, so what part of Texas you in?
  11. sprueguy

    CH-47A Chinook Trumpeter 1/35

    Nice bulid looks great.....
  12. sprueguy

    1/48 Martin B-10 DONE! (updated 11/22, pg.2)

    Looking real sharp!
  13. sprueguy

    Morane Saulnier, Type L

    Turned out very, very nice...
  14. sprueguy

    Wingnutwings Roland D.VIb

    Great work..
  15. sprueguy

    1:350 USS Carl Vinson Project

    Great build so far