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  1. sprueguy

    Albatross D-V

    Great work, always had a soft spot for WW1 aircraft.
  2. sprueguy

    Miss Pumpkin Witch: WIP

    Another fantastic work.....
  3. sprueguy

    Adam Savage is cool!

    Thanks for the replies guys, I,ve never considered or selling anything, just like to sculpt for myself.
  4. sprueguy

    Adam Savage is cool!

    Thanks for the post. I have a question kind of a moral issue. If I make a mold of an item for my own personal use with no intention to sale or duplicate for others is that considered recasting?
  5. sprueguy

    Bad Fairy

    interesting figure, I like it a lo
  6. sprueguy

    SAS Gunner North Africa 1941

    Outstanding work, esp with only six colors to work with.
  7. sprueguy

    Carrier, Howitzer, 4.5" QF

    Interesting build. I'd say it was the granddaddy of all self-propelled artillery.
  8. sprueguy

    Phantom of The Opera

    Creepy work! it's great,
  9. sprueguy

    Ghosts in the Desert

    Cool idea and fantastic execution.
  10. sprueguy

    Man Spends 70 YEARS Making A Matchstick Royal Navy

    Not a ship builder myself, but can admire this work. great stuff glad I saw it.
  11. sprueguy

    Klaatu Barada Nikto

    nice likeness, great colors
  12. sprueguy

    Desktop Film Studios

    That is fantastic! like the concept, and detail, remember that part of the movie quite well.
  13. sprueguy

    KI-98. Somewhere in the Pacific.

    Sharp looking display, you did great with all the details.
  14. sprueguy

    A nostalgic look back at model building …

    Love the memories of past models. Thanks for reminding us what it's all about.
  15. sprueguy

    Duster finished--ready for the VAMC Display Case

    Great finish!