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  1. I'd like to see more done with figures. How the use in a diorama ect...
  2. Love it! I use to drive one while working in a lumber yard in Texas. When ever I trained a new guy, I'd stick a raw egg on some putty I had on the pallet then haul a$$ around the un paved yard, The egg would always stay on and I'd tell the new person when you can do that come back and see me. Of course when I removed the egg I'd take the putty also. Always good for a laugh or two.
  3. Fantastic piece, your painting of it is outstanding.
  4. Had one of these aircraft parked at the airport in Amarillo TX. yesterday. I was wondering what it was, thanks for posting the picture.
  5. This is a good one, great job!
  6. Fantastic piece, really like all the details and great job on the figures.
  7. nice build
  8. Just goes to show; you don't always have to have tanks and Germans to make it interesting, great work!
  9. Fantastic works, outstanding painting
  10. All are outstanding, being a former artillery officer I'm drawn to the M109.
  11. sprueguy

    Arizona 1916

    Here is the last of three works I've started over the years, and finally got around to painting. The mounted figure I did about ten years ago and started working on the setting figure sometime later. Both figures are made out of recycled plastics. Most of the mounted figure is from an old HP printer case. There is a howto in this forum and I'll leave a link if anyone is interested.
  12. sprueguy

    Marine 1779

    Thanks for the advice. It's done with old spue and other scraps of plastic
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