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  1. This is my latest project, it's 1/24th scale 12 pounder from the civil war. I used a scaled down copy of an old Encore parts list . It is made from hobby sticks and copper wire. Needs a few more details added water bucket, chain, rope. They are made just not in the photos. I plan to use it in a Dio with the crew putting the gun into battery. After painting I'll start on the figures.
  2. Outstanding work, can feel the drama.
  3. Although I'm not much of an aircraft guy, I'm quite taken by your work. Great piece!
  4. Sorry, I had to look at your work for ten minutes before I even noticed there was a motorcycle in it. Just old guy joking it's a fantastic piece.
  5. Great work, I remember learning to drive a manual transmission on one of these. It was the late 70's while stationed in Iwakuni Japan. It had the same radio as yours, a MRC109. Great memories!
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