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  1. Hard to believe how old this kit is, but you made it great. Your motto should be MAGA 'Make Aurora Great Again".
  2. Love a good B-17 model, yours is great
  3. nice! love a good US tank modle
  4. sprueguy

    Jacob Marley

    Great color scheme
  5. sprueguy

    The Howling Man

    WOW! another great piece, your color choice is fantastic.
  6. That is one really nice work. Great job on the weathered leather coat.
  7. sprueguy

    Ep. 4 Leia

    Fantastic work....
  8. sprueguy

    Medusa Miniature

    Another fantastic piece. Wish I had your speed in finished works, I'm lucky to get one/two a year. Gave the last one (1st ID Vietnam) away just so I wouldn't have to paint it.
  9. sprueguy

    1st ID Vietnam

    Thanks for the kind words..
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