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  1. Welcome back to the hobby brother!! Semper Fi
  2. Nice work on the 12 LBer!! Stop by the IPMS/USA Special Interest Group Blue and Gray Scale Modelers and share off your work!! We'd love to see it!!! Blue and Gray Scale Modelers, an IPMS/USA Special Interest Group (SIG) | Facebook
  3. dhamilton

    USS Choctaw

    Thanks Mark!! That's a great idea, and I'll do so when the dust settles, and we know how Falgship will move forward. And it's my sincere hope it does go forward. There are just too many unique and interesting subjects in the catalog, the fact it's in my wheelhouse notwithstanding!! Thanks again!!
  4. dhamilton

    USS Choctaw

    Thanks so much for your kind words. Rusty wanted to use pictures of mine as the box art for future kits. Unfortunately we were never able to make that happen.
  5. dhamilton

    USS Choctaw

    Here are a few pictures of my recently completed USS Choctaw from Flagship Models. I've been wanting a kit of this subject for quite a few years. I'm afraid I made a nuisance of myself asking Rusty and Flagship Models about doing one, repeatedly over a number of years!! It was a happy day when Rusty sent me an e mail saying it was finally ready!! I think this is the first one he sold!! I regularly posted in progress pics on the Blue and Gray Scale Modelers SIG Facebook page, and I know Rusty was following along with the build because of some of the e mails he sent commenting on various parts of the build. I offer mine and the condolences of the entire Blue and Gray Scale Modelers family to Rusty's family. It was a great kit to build and I added some extra detail here and there to enhance things a bit. The build took about 18 months to complete. I'm happy with the results, and the completed model looks great on the shelf with the other Civil War subjects I've done. To check out the in progress pics, or to check out our what's happening at a happening SIG home stop by and check us out!! We'd love to have you stop by and say hello!! Blue and Gray Scale Modelers, an IPMS/USA Special Interest Group (SIG) | Facebook
  6. James asks "Will it work?" We spent quite a while working the descriptions into something coherent, with an eye toward resembling what shows up on the tables and what automotive modelers are familiar with. When we worked on all this, we used the most current and up-to-date data at the time. There may be a little tweaking needed due to the amount of time that has elapsed since they were produced. We had some very knowledgeable and dedicated modelers on the committee that worked very hard on this. I'm glad our work finally sees the light of day.
  7. I tried the AK Intreactive Brass Photoetch Burnishing liquid and was very disappointed in it's performance. It seemed to leave a black crust on the brass that chipped off, leaving exposed brass. I've been using Birchwood Casey products for many years on my black powder firearms. I should have stuck with them!! Thanks for passing along something that works!!
  8. Here are a few that I took at the show. I had a great time at the show, and say "Thanks again!!" to our hosts!! Doug
  9. That’s what I’m counting on Rusty!!!
  10. Hi everyone, IPMS Caloosa is happy to announce our very first show!! CaloosaCon 2020 is coming Saturday, 28 March 2020. We've taken over what had been the Wings, Wheels and Keels (Venice Florida) event held in Venice Florida at the Woodmere Park gym. We're holding the show in memory of Randy Whittaker, club spark plug and long time Venice President who recently passed away. Randy loved our hobby and being a teacher was very interested in bringing Junior modelers into our hobby. We've dedicated our first show to Randy's memory by naming the Best in how award in his honor. Both he and his wife Terri took a very active roll in putting the previous iterations of the show on and to commemorate their interest in junior modeling the Best Junior Award will be given I their names. We have updated the categories and rules package, as well as changed the awards to challenge coins. We hope everyone in Region 11, as well as modelers from all over come to visit, see some great models, check out the vendor area for great deals and have some fun in celebrating our hobby!! Contact information is on the attached flier, or you could PM me directly for more detailed info. Our registration form and model forms are available so they can be ready on the day of the show to save you time getting through the registration process quickly. Hope to see everyone at our show, it's going to be a great one!! Doug Hamilton Chief Judge
  11. The lines look awesome!! You know I've been wanting a kit of this subject for quite a long time!! Any idea yet when it will be ready for purchase? I'm looking forward to getting one!!
  12. I recently contacted Takom Models in an attempt to get a replacement part. I started by going to their Facebook page, and contacting them through Messenger. I made contact with someone at that location, and explained my need. The person on the other end replied with an e mail address similar to the main company e mail address. I then sent my request to that address. It's been about 5 days, and I've yet to get a reply. My question is; Has anyone tried to obtain a replacement part from Takom, and what kind of customer service can I expect? Thanks for providing whatever info you can!!! Doug
  13. Hi Butch, glad to see you here!! It was awesome to see you in Nooga and am looking forward to seeing at Jaxcon!! Doug
  14. I tell you, I had a blast at the Nats this year!! I don't want to turn this into how many superlatives I can pour into one post, but if I did, they'd all be an understatement!!! (Sorry, couldn't help myself!!) Mike Moor's idea of pushing display models was brilliant, and the model count was staggering as a result. It is a model show after all, and he high quality on display certainly put our reason for being there out for all to see. I loved the venue, and Chattanooga is a wonderful city!! I managed to get over to the Towing and Recovery Museum and wasn't disappointed. Mike, you and your team did a great job, and I'll add my thanks to those who have already done so!! Hope you guys do it again in the future!! I'll be back!! Doug
  15. The Nooga team did an amazing job in putting this years show on!! Mike Moore and crew went above and beyond to bring us one of the top Nationals I’ve attended!! Bravo Zulu!!
  16. Welcome back Pat!! Glad you decided to reenlist!!
  17. Hi Rick, I'll do automotive if no one has spoken for it yet. My contact info is Hamy3@aol.com for e mail, and 203 461 0534 for my cell. Give me a call in the next few days to work out the details of what's set up in terms of image transfer and such. Doug
  18. I’ll post some pictures as I go. So far it’s been a really fun build, and am making steady progress!! As for the size, it’s huge!! I had some of the sub assemblies at our club meeting last week, and had it placed next to a completed Panther tank. It’s gonna be big!!
  19. Thanks Brian!! I was able to figure out what I needed. I'll be using colors from the AK line of paints that match the color guide well. Not ready to apply any paint yet, but I have them!!!
  20. dhamilton

    Color question

    I recently started building Takom’s Krupp 420mm Howitzer (Big Bertha) and one of the schemes is for a gray, green and brown version. Im hoping someone can steer me towards which gray the German military used during WW I. It looks a bit like the early WWII gray seen on German Armor, but I don’t know. Any help you all could offer would be greatly appreciated!! Thank you!!!
  21. Thanks Mike!! I’m sure a number of attendees will welcome such a list!! Doug
  22. With no banquet being planned, will there be a listing of restaurants close to the facility, or within short driving distance? Looking forward to coming up to see you folks!! Doug
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