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  1. Doug

    Do you have a preference as to which class to focus on?



  2. Thanks Bill. I've set you up and added your contact info to my email and phone.
  3. Guys Eric has set up the framework for the page for this year and given me access to it. We are Go. Now I would like volunteers to step up for doing this. Ideally there will be a person to focus on each class. With the smaller ones, a person could handle two if they wanted. I won't turn down any images 'outside your assignment' as long as we have someone focusing on each class. When you volunteer, please also send me a message with email and cell number so we can contact each other during the convention just in case. I would like to set up a regular time/place during the con for us to exchange what you have taken so far. Something like a 2 hour window at a particular spot each day. Let me get with the convention guys to see what they have available like a lobby table. I should be able to deal with any thumb drives you have images on. Let me double check my equipment about being able to directly read memory cards or phones. If you have your own cable it would be a good idea to bring it along. Juniors-Bill Dedig Aircraft Armor Ships-Rick Jackson Figures Automotive-Doug Hamilton Space and Sci-Fi-Bill Dedig Dioramas Misc Rick
  4. Well, if no one has officially been designated I can take a stab at it. Eric would need to give me some additional training on how to get to the specific pages we plan on using. Assuming the process is the same as the box art galleries, I'm at least partially trained on the uploading. Assuming all of that is a go, then all of us that plan on doing it will need to coordinate file transfers and such at the convention. Rick
  5. Let me re-make a point here. Where is it written that a person MUST care if they win or lose at the contest? I know several people who attend, put the model on the table, and enjoy the rest of the convention without another thought about the contest. They enjoy looking at a roomful of models without it impacting their self-worth. Winning an award is gravy.
  6. Has anyone issued a request for photographers yet and I just missed it?
  7. Sure, I would drive too if it was that close--but is isn't this time. For me it is most of a two-day drive. Given that I have to be at work for part of WEDNESDAY, you can see what prompted this topic. Thanks to everyone for the input. You have confirmed much of what I knew/suspected. The plan is to have the models the only thing I carry on. I've already done some research and picked a box that is within the size limits. The box will be clear and sturdy so they can get an up-front idea of what's inside. As long as it doesn't get flipped upside down I should be good. Rick
  8. Thanks for the feedback guys. My biggest concern has been the amount of inspection to expect. I was always planning on getting a clear storage box that would fit as carry-on, preferably under the seat. Most of the ones I've used are strong enough to put up with some banging and as long as I've done a good job in anchoring the models inside everything should be OK. Once packed, I was worried that the whole thing would have to be opened and probably fondled. It sounds like that will happen even though the models can be seen through the lid and sides. And, of course, there's the issue of PE, metal figures, etc.. These issues will certainly impact what I take and what I may build in the next few months. At this point a 54mm figure probably makes more sense than an HMS Victory. Rick
  9. Work issues make it likely that I will be flying to Phoenix this year. It's been 15 years since I've tried to take a model on a plane. Can anyone give me advice on the current climate and what can be done to get an entry past TSA without damage. Success stories and/or failures would be appreciated. Rick Jackson
  10. When you click on the link it opens a new window but the forms never load.
  11. I see that the links for the contest forms are up. It appears, though, that they will not open with Firefox. They did come up when I tried Edge and Chrome. Rick
  12. It seems that the updating has come to a halt with only a few from each state shown. I would like our club's to be added. How does one submit a club logo to be added to the Gallery? Is any format acceptable? Rick Jackson
  13. I've been going back through my old Journals and Updates for personal reasons to document those. I haven't dug all of them out yet but I have found two so far. "Welcome Back MIA" won in NYC in 1981 and "Stroke of Fate" won in 1996. A couple of others might have been placed in dioramas by today's rules (the USS Vogelgesang, for example) but were in their respective categories when they won.
  14. Let's not use the Nationals as a litmus test for the success or failure of recruiting juniors. This year there was an additional factor--the start of school. Since the majority of junior modelers must be either local or on vacation with parents, a school conflict will always blunt attendance. We were in the Atlanta area on vacation before the convention and I heard on the morning news the annual piece about the start of school in several Atlanta area districts. The local guys can verify this, but it may have also been the case around Columbia. The way the contest is set up, the only way a junior could get a model entered before judging under these conditions would be to proxy it. The next several conventions are also kissing the first week in August. Different areas of the country, sure, but earlier start dates for school is becoming a trend so I expect them to be more lightly attended as well. Rick Jackson
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