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  1. Pete Until I or someone is 'officially' in charge, you just need to keep your offer out there. Last time we did have people focusing on particular categories but I also took whatever they shot and were willing to share. This is especially important if a category is not picked up by someone. Everyone's contribution goes into those. No tally sheet is used since we have no need to match up photos like they do for the awards program. Rick
  2. I headed this last year. The preferred format is JPG. Size is not as important as they will be resized before uploading to the website. Size only becomes an issue in how long it takes to transfer the files from you to me. Most cameras now use SanDisk cards but I have a multi-card reader if you have something offbeat. We usually determine a time and place to meet to transfer what you have to date and one to two meetings usually covers it. Rick Jackson
  3. I like them too. But I am upset that when I went to the sponsorship page the Best Of awards were obscenely priced. I see that you are trying to target corporate sponsors, but why price out the chapters? The least expensive award is twice what we budgeted.
  4. It may be one of several reasons. You could take that same Asuka Sherman and enter it in three different categories simply by making it a small comp diorama, a large comp diorama and sticking it on a plain wood base. Are you advocating for the elimination of categories you don't like to build in with the purpose of expanding ones that you do like?
  5. Yes, while I usually have a box full of regular entries I often have an OOB entry. At least four of the last five years.
  6. If people would simply stop trying to find loopholes and figure out ways to beat the system it would be simple. Virtually every rule there was in response to some entry that wasn't kosher.
  7. Kits being so nice doesn't defeat the spirit of the category. It's been said many times, a bunch of extra details (whether they are additional plastic parts in the box or aftermarket) simply gives you more chances to screw up. It doesn't guarantee a win. As far as the OOB+ is concerned, only Ships have a real category that welcomes the high-tech kits into OOB as well as a separate, traditional OOB category. It seems to be working but the other classes haven't yet decided to adopt that format. They continue to have the limited, 40-year old exceptions as to what can be added and still be OOB in each class. Integrating the OOB into the regular categories was tried for several years. It proved to be a judging headache because the teams had to basically judge each category twice. You had to figure out the OOB winner but also if the OOB was going to win as a regular 1-2-3 winner. If it did, you had to go back and pick up the second OOB as that winner since the rules prevented you from winning two awards. Then there was also the chance that there wouldn't be an OOB in a category so the physical award would be wasted. Making a separate OOB category(ies) effectively guarantees the category will be filled out. And, as it has been pointed out, it's not like the current format is going wanting for entries.
  8. I have loaded what I plan on loading to the gallery unless I identify a stray photo that needs to be added. Except for a couple of hiccups, I believe it went rather well and I want to thank all of the guys that contributed their time and effort to taking the pictures. Rick
  9. Nick And an educated person would get the name right of the person being quoted. This whole thread has reached the point of being ridiculous. I suggest everyone take a break at least until after Chattanooga so they can have more kindling for the fire. Rick
  10. Not only that, but any tours or general people, places and things that you take as well.
  11. There have been a couple of volunteers but it would be helpful if a few more would agree to help. Either respond here or send me a PM. Rick
  12. Doug

    Do you have a preference as to which class to focus on?



  13. Thanks Bill. I've set you up and added your contact info to my email and phone.
  14. Guys Eric has set up the framework for the page for this year and given me access to it. We are Go. Now I would like volunteers to step up for doing this. Ideally there will be a person to focus on each class. With the smaller ones, a person could handle two if they wanted. I won't turn down any images 'outside your assignment' as long as we have someone focusing on each class. When you volunteer, please also send me a message with email and cell number so we can contact each other during the convention just in case. I would like to set up a regular time/place during the con for us to exchange what you have taken so far. Something like a 2 hour window at a particular spot each day. Let me get with the convention guys to see what they have available like a lobby table. I should be able to deal with any thumb drives you have images on. Let me double check my equipment about being able to directly read memory cards or phones. If you have your own cable it would be a good idea to bring it along. Juniors-Bill Dedig Aircraft Armor-John Bonanni Ships-Rick Jackson Figures Automotive-Doug Hamilton Space and Sci-Fi-Bill Dedig Dioramas Misc Rick
  15. Well, if no one has officially been designated I can take a stab at it. Eric would need to give me some additional training on how to get to the specific pages we plan on using. Assuming the process is the same as the box art galleries, I'm at least partially trained on the uploading. Assuming all of that is a go, then all of us that plan on doing it will need to coordinate file transfers and such at the convention. Rick
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