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  1. If you can support the pieces to allow for drying time either white glue or testor's clear parts cement should work. Eric
  2. Need to change my password but don't remember my old one to change it. How do I go about changine it? Eric
  3. If she wants I can email a copy of canceled check. Eric
  4. Mike, I went thru the membership system check up. It shows the my renewal is pass due. I sent the check on Nov 7 and it was cashed. So not exactly sure why my membership show pass due. Just want to know if once it gets straightened out I will still get Nov / Dec issue of the Journal. Thanks, Eric
  5. Me too. Sent in my renewal payment beginning of Nov. and haven't received anything either. I know that my check had been deposited. Eric
  6. Ryan, Just got a note from my brother, SVSM is schedule to meet Sept. 17 at the Milpitas Police Department community room starting at 7:30PM. Masks are required. Eric
  7. Don't live in the area anymore but I know that last month they met at Game Kastle in San Jose on the 3rd Thursday. Spoke with my brother who reserves the room at the MPD and he said the first available date was in Sept. for the 3rd Friday. Eric
  8. There is Silicon Valley Scale Modelers in San Jose and Fremont Hornets in Fremont. Not sure of their meeting schedules right now, the last time I looked at the SVSM facebook page it hadn't been updated since last year. Eric
  9. The second page didn't bother me too much, might be a tad too blue. What about a more pale blue color. Eric
  10. When I've used it I added a dollop of white glue to the mix. It helped with adhering to the base. Eric
  11. Had to replace my decals from the kit. Polar lights sent me replacement sheet but I guess they up dated their decal sheet. I believe I've figured out where decals 49 go but have no clue where decal 45 is suppose to go. Does anyone have the instructions for the latest issue and can post or e-mail me a scan of the decal instructions. Thanks, Eric
  12. Just curious. I renew back in the beginning of November but as of today have not received a new card. I know things are messed up due to Covid but just want to make sure the payment went thru. Eric
  13. Very nice. What did you use for the snow on the vehicles? Eric
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