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  1. Just walked into my local Hobby Town and they are now carrying this line of paints. Don't know anything about them. Are they airbrush ready out of the bottle or need to be thinned. If thinned will regular lacquer thinner work or do I have to use their brand? If you've used them, what's your opinion. Thanks, Eric
  2. The big question I'm having is the paint in 1965 metallic or just solid blue. Can't find any period color photos. When I do a google search alot of cobras come up but most are current photos so no idea if the cars have been repainted or not. Eric
  3. Trying to figure out if the blue on Cobras was metallic paint or just a straight paint. Tried photo searches but to many photos are either restored or kit cars. Even doing searches for period race photos doesn't help. Not sure which way to go. Eric
  4. Trying to find somewhere to buy 1/24 scale fittings, anyone have recommendations? Eric
  5. I tried the Guardsman Blue Metallic from MCW but it's to light for Shelby's. The paint is listed under a Ford 1965 color so that's probably correct for a Ford but apparently Shelby had their own mix but with the same name. For those who have built Shelby Cobra kits, what blue did you use? Thanks, Eric
  6. Thanks Gary, Photos did help with some of the questions I had. Eric
  7. Working on Monograms 427 Cobra kit and using Studio 27 decals. The decals for the car I'm doing has a full windshield. The instructions show a rear license plate installed, that doesn't seem right to me. Also trying to figure out if the windshield wipers were installed. Tried doing an internet search but nothing came up. Wondering is someone has a book with photos from the 1966 season. Eric
  8. Just tried to vote the on line and the link did not work. Eric
  9. OK thanks, will try and find a set
  10. Need to replace a couple old decals on Monograms X-15 kit. Found a source for the placards and stenciling but the US Air Force fonts are to small. Trying to find a sheet of white 45 letters 5/32" tall. Might be able to use 3/16" letters. I have Squadrons 45 degree white letters but they are the wrong size. Same with the other sheets I've got. Anyone know of a sheet with letters the height I need? Thanks, Eric
  11. Thanks all. Looking over the kit instructions trying to figure out the best way to paint the kit. Might become a fall / winter project. Eric
  12. Thinking about building a Fine Molds X-Wing in my stash. Looking at the color call outs in the instructions and the main body they give as an FS number. When I check the number on charts it comes up as a medium gray. To me looking at photos it looks like it should be more of an off white. Anyone have their take on what color it should be. Eric
  13. Hi Dig, Glad you enjoyed the Madcity show. When you say southern Wisconsin, how far south, I'm in Beloit. Eric
  14. I stumbled across the site that sold that and other disc world figures but can't find it now. Do you have the makers web site? Eric
  15. If you can support the pieces to allow for drying time either white glue or testor's clear parts cement should work. Eric
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