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  1. I don't know if you have finished your project yet, but I found using Mr. Muscle (green can) oven cleaner or brake fluid work best on most styrene its. No clue about Resin though Bill
  2. Ron; I've had 3 Dremels in my life, one I've had for almost 30 yr's now that my Father had originally given me for my birthday. Currently I have a Dremel 4000 vari-Speed habging over my area, with a working cable, it works awesome. My older Battery Dremel is the one that gives me problems that I plan on sending back next week or so.... Like the others have stated, set your budget, and if able, go to he store and handle it a bit Yes the 4000 is a bit heavier, and i had to buy as a replacement @ HD for like $125.00, I believe it was.... and when I bought the flex wand, I decided to try hanging it, and use it that way I guess the best answer I have, is it depends on your budget (or deal you might see online), and your intended use for it... Bill
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