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  1. Don, Sorry. You're right. Returning to your regularly-scheduled programming.. dt
  2. Correct. I see a cursor on my home Mac with Safari but can't on my laptop. Browser problems with the forum software seems to be at the heart of this.
  3. The most frequent request lately has been to "fix" member accounts where all the forum topics are not visible and/or the member can't reply to an otherwise open thread. The solution for many is simple: delete the "cookies" for this website. That's easy to do. Simply go to the forum index page and, near the bottom, you'll find a link to delete the cookies for the website. Do this, log out, shut down your browser and then restart the browser and go to the IPMS/USA discussion forums again. If that doesn't work, we go to step two: forum_admin@ipmsusa.org Happy trails! Dennis
  4. I echo James' comments about ModelAir paint....wonderful stuff. An equal to Tamiya, IMHO.
  5. With amendment voting going "live" on the IPMS/USA website soon, I've created a forum for discussing the six amendments up for a vote. To make it easier for members to track these discussions, I've created a separate thread for all six amendments on this new forum. No new threads can be created, so all discussion will have to stay within those threads. Think of it as six separate mini-forums. These threads will stay active till midnight Sept. 1, 2010 when they'll become a read-only archive for two weeks, then they'll go away. Dennis
  6. Exceptional model photography too! Spot-on color balance!
  7. Glad you decided to join the forum! I think you'll find these forums to be a bottomless pit of modeling knowledge.
  8. I agree with Lee, online's nice but nothing beats having the chips in hand, so to speak....
  9. Thanks for the link. It's now on my wish list.
  10. We're trying not to spam other forums with this and are keeping a list of the places we've posted this info so that we don't duplicate. If you want to post something on a modeling forum you frequent, I can send you a copy of my announcement to post...or you can send me the URL and I'll go post it...if I'm a member.
  11. The forums are now set up in such a way that the IPMS/USA business is separated from the modeling forums. Non-IPMS/USA members can only see the modeling forums. The moderators have been tasked with making sure that the inevitable intra- IPMS/USA bickering happens only within the IPMS/USA sections.
  12. Welcome David, people like you are the reason we opened the forums!
  13. Fruilmodel steel, if that's a color. Thanks so much for posting this one, RG, this will put many arguments to rest. I'm printing it and taking it to the next contest I attend! :P
  14. Welcome, Pete! Thanks for sharing the pics!
  15. Welcome Scott! Wish I'd know of your difficulties earlier...they would've been fixed.
  16. I'm pleased to announce that, effective today, the model building discussion forums of the IPMS/USA are now open to non-IPMS/USA members. No longer closed to the world, we welcome modelers to our forums and hope to share our passion for model building with them. Anyone who provides a valid e-mail address can join and use our modeling forums to share info, ask questions, post photos and learn more about the IPMS/USA. We hope that opening the modeling forums will encourage non-members to join and give IPMS/USA members a chance to share their knowledge, experience and passion for our hobby w
  17. If you have a question about the IPMS/USA Discussion Forum, try using the built-in Help System (Link at top right corner of every page) to find features and answers to common questions. If you still need assistance, feel free to post your questions here but post your questions only after trying the Help System. (Frequently Asked Questions). Thanks! Dennis
  18. Just wanted to share with everyone that we've had a dozen or so new registrations today. About half were from IPMS/USA members. I normally receive one every other day. Because I have to approve all IPMS/USA memberships by hand, there'll be days when I won't get around to approving new registrations for 24 or 48 hours. I have to compare the IPMS/USA member requests with my most current membership list and it's a manual process. Just thought you needed to know, dennis p.s. we just went over 1000 registered forum members! woot!
  19. It be fixed now. Be gentle, I'm a journalism major, not a computer science major.
  20. Don, Take a look now, I've opened the forums so that guests and validating members can view all model building topics...they just can't contribute to the discussion. I think that'll give them a sample of what they'd be a part of when they register. So far today...three new, non-IPMS/USA members today!
  21. Yep, it'll bring more positives than negatives and I hope the membership will rise to the challenge of maintaining a positive, helpful atmosphere in the public forums...
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