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  1. I'll be adding two new forums to the model building section shortly. One will concern model photography and everything involved with photographing your work (Photoshop use, lighting, composition, technique, etc.) and the other will deal with the unique challenges of building dioramas. I'll be moderating the photography forum and Rusty White, the current moderator of the vendors forum, will be the new Diorama mod. Thanks to all the forum members who wrote with suggestions for new forum topics, I received many great ideas and these are two that were suggested most.
  2. Just a note to let you know that I've combined the IPMS websites and IPMS newsletter forum topics into one topic covering both newsletter and website issues. All posts were preserved during the merge.
  3. Hehe, I tried to get over to that side of the field to shoot photos of them boarding the tank! That would've been interesting....still, they got to ride and I was only a spectator. Great show, two thumbs up, comrade.
  4. Fellow IPMS-Tidewater member Joe Koenig and I made the trip to northern Virginia yesterday and here's a taste of some of the 800+ images I shot: A T-34 complete with tank riders: A T-55 driving through the muddy demo trail: A sweet Lee tank going through its paces: ENJOY!
  5. Thanks Gil, really nice source for cheap, metal gun barrel material! Shipping's a bit pricey, so I'll try to get several others to go in with me on an order....
  6. I'd like to add one or two new forums to the model building section of the Discussion Forums. If you have a suggestion, please contact me. I was thinking that a painting and finishes topic might be popular but would also like your ideas about what you'd find useful. PM or send your suggestions to dennis.tennant@gmail.com Modeling-related topics, please.
  7. Sounds like a great idea, John. Given Mark's build speed, I'd say it'll take a week or so, if he can get enough paint! :)
  8. Welcome to the forums, Ryan! Thanks for posting some really nice work!
  9. That's my problem, they didn't say what kind of thinner! I don't want to experiment on the only set of tracks I have. Dragon doesn't sell the tracks separately...grr.
  10. I read that tidbit in the instructions for my new Firefly kit. It says you can remove the seam lines on their DS track with a swipe of thinner across the tracks. Now, not wanting to ruin the only set of tracks I have for this 1/72 kit, has anyone here tried using thinner to remove the seam on anything made from Dragon's DS plastic? Did it really work?
  11. A nice article, nonetheless. I enjoyed reading it. Well done Jack!
  12. Yep, dpi and ppi are pretty much interchangeable terms. 600 ppi .tif files should do nicely! Extra points for not choosing the .jpg format! dt
  13. Thanks for sharing, Tim! (and Greg too) Here's a tip you may not know: when scanning prints, be sure to set your scanner to scan at a high ppi (pixels per inch) resolution than the norm of 200ppi. With a higher ppi you'll be able to make large, high-quality prints, if ever the need arises. Of course, you can always downsize them to work on the internet too. I'd suggest scanning at 1200 or 1600 ppi resolution, if you have the hard drive space to store them ('cause they'll be very big files). The larger file size will provide you (or your ancestors) with more image data which will mean mor
  14. I've added a new forum under the Other Topics section called "Survey says..." It will be the new location for polls and surveys. I'll try to post a new survey at least once a week. If you have an idea for a survey, feel free to send it my way. I've started the topic with two new polls. Members can vote only once. Enjoy and remember, no wagering!
  15. We've made some changes in the information displayed at the left side of forum posts this weekend (9/5/09). Effective today: A member's name and IPMS # will now appear in the member profile area (at the left, beneath the avatar) along with the member's screen name. This will make it easier to see exactly who is making comments on the forum. With screen names that can be changed up to three times every 30 days, we felt that this solution would balance the needs of the membership to know exactly who is saying what with the needs of those members who like to change their screen names o
  16. Welcome Frank! I'm just down the road from you....in Chesapeake. Looking forward to seeing some of your models here.... dt
  17. Just a reminder to everyone that our forum rules prohibit posting profane and/or vulgar language. Section 2.6 of our forum rules/AUP addresses this specifically: Do not use objectionable language or images. ..... There will be no profanity, obscenity, vulgarity, or swearing; and this includes thinly-disguised attempts to defeat the word filters by using asterisks or other characters to replace letters. I've been seeing bad language creeping into posts lately and want everyone to understand it is not condoned by me or my moderators. Vulgar language will be excised from posts by th
  18. Decanted paint from a spray can doesn't need any more thinning. Just wait till the bubbles disappear and spray away.
  19. Greg is correct. It's an automated process. I'll try and find what image size triggers the automatic resizing...if Eric doesn't weigh in with the info first.... I'd also like to recommend PIXresizer for resizing (if that's all you need to do). It's free and can be found here.
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