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  1. I used their service once. My T-34 was missing the clear sprue and I wrote them about it. It took about a month to receive the sprue in the mail. I never received a reply via e-mail to confirm, though.
  2. Very true but resizing after shooting eliminates the possibility of forgetting to set the camera back to it's largest image size (and the best for quality) when finished shooting something for online-only use. Back in the early days of digital I did just that and have a bunch of lo-res, once-in-a-lifetime images of auntie Maude riding a donkey to prove it, hehe. Also, starting with more pixels gives you the most flexibility in post processing, not to mention you'll have a large image file ready if the Journal comes callin' for shots of your creation. You can do more with a large image shot und
  3. I also recommend resizing photos aimed for online use. I resize my images to 1000 pixels wide or deep at 72dpi. This allows you to make the most out of the limited, free storage offered by most hosting sites while maintaining really nice image quality. You do resize, dontcha? Today's digital cameras produce files that are much, much larger than necessary for quality online reproduction. Resize in Photoshop or any of the other image editing programs that can do that sort of thing....
  4. DennisTennant


    It's a great feeling, isn't it? I thought I would bust when both my kids placed at the Atlanta Nats. Contrats, Bun!
  5. Mark, I use Flickr and they have a similar feature. You can make photo galleries public or private and control who sees them. You can also upload the images directly to our forums and attach to individual postings without using a Photobucket or Flickr service. You have limits to the size of the photo and how many you can post, of course, but you can do it that way too. Most folks link from a photo hosting service though.
  6. Duke, I'm guessing that, given your build rate, you buy it in one gallon bottles.... :)
  7. Glad to hear that, Pyrman! I like the "hotness" of the Tenax. Sometimes, Tamiya Thin isn't up to the job...not often, but sometimes.
  8. Just got the weekend edition of this same kit. Can't wait to get crackin' on it. I bought the Aires cockpit for it but might not need it. Good work, I agree about the paint scheme. Love it! dt
  9. Welcome Jonathan! Make yourself at home and don't be afraid to ask questions....
  10. Nicely done, Mike! I agree with Ed, pack that baby up for a road trip to some shows!
  11. Just a note to let everyone know that forum moderator Clare Wentzel has announced that eBay auction notices can now be posted on the wants and disposals forum he manages. If you have an eBay auction featuring modeling-related items (kits, tools, decals, details, resin, etc.) you may post an auction notice there along with the URL link to the actual auction page. We hope this will prove to be a useful thing for members and ask that those posting an eBay auction notice will remove the postings when the auction is complete. If you have any specific questions about this, feel free to contact Clare
  12. Well, on this #$%&* Sturmovik I'm currently building, I can almost use a 2X4 to fill the gap in the wing/fuselage! A slight exaggeration. BTW, Dick, the shelf life on a tube of Acryl-Blu is 24 years....and counting. <_<
  13. After looking over the various resin offerings, I'm leaning toward the Alpine line featured in AFV magazine. I'm looking at set #35038....
  14. Is your newsletter available online? Inquiring minds want to know... :)
  15. I think we're officially off topic here. Just tried it last night and found it works...but only after the glue has set a bit....still very messy (could be my lack of skills..). I'll continue to use Apoxy.
  16. WTG Ron! Wish I hadn't been so "trigger happy" when I first found out about these deals. Had I gone one page deeper, I would be the proud owner of TWO of these babies! Sigh, I'll just have to be content with what I've got...
  17. Since I've yet to create a masterpiece model, I guess it's time to give it a try. Will let you all know how things turn out...
  18. Film hasn't been in my fridge for a decade or so....digital only here. Yes, I may have to start stashing in the fridge again, especially if I end up purchasing a big bottle of it at Michael's this weekend....40% off coupon...
  19. I stumbled upon this tip in the latest issue of MIS magazine. The author of a build article recommended using 5-minute epoxy to attach canopies (mind you, he used just a wee amount of the stuff) and used a saliva-moistened finger to smooth out the join between the fuselage and the canopy. While I don't plan to use anything other than PVA glue for this task, I wondered if anyone has ever tried using spit to smooth epoxy successfully? I'm afraid to try it myself (why make a mess if someone else has done it before?), but this might be a great technique for a future build calling for the strength
  20. Great suggestions all. In this particular case, I'm thinking that the thin strips of evergreen with thick CA will work best. I'll give everything but the baking soda/CA method a try, eventually. Gil, I get all my superglue from the Dollar Store! I used to buy the expensive brands but found they dried out faster than I could build kits....
  21. Yeah, guess I'll cherish all the white metal I/R figures I do have. I don't know why, I just like the way the metal figures go together and the fact that they used to have finer details than the Tamiya offerings of the '70s. Resin seems to have the edge on fine details now. Thanks everyone for the input! I'll let you know what I eventually choose.
  22. I've got a long wing trailing edge on my Sturmovik that doesn't quite join up properly. The upper half of the wing is longer than the lower, leaving about 1/64" difference that's gonna need fixing. I'm thinking of using baking soda and superglue to patch things up but, before I tackle this job, is there a better way out there? Haven't used the baking soda/CA trick in a number of years and don't want to screw things up. Any help appreciated!
  23. Thanks guys, this will give me a place to start my search. Haven't done figures in quite a while. The last ones I purchased were Alpine. I guess resin may be the only real option anymore due to health reasons, cost, etc. I did like the extra weight of the metal figs though.
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