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  1. Looks pretty good to me! I'm getting ready to start work on mine, did you encounter any problems with this kit?
  2. I've added this to the public calendar, John. Hope to see you there!
  3. This forum is for posting events and answering questions about those events. Nothing else. Non-member questions about judging, etc. should be posted in the "Ask the IPMS" forum. Contests/shows can be posted up to a year in advance. Listing must include date and hours of event, location and an event contact (either phone number or e-mail address). Web links and other pertinent URLs can be added also. Use of the forum calendar is highly recommended. To use it, simply choose it from the link at upper right, add the date and cut and paste your event info into the body of the calendar entry.
  4. A new public forum and calendar have been created for the promotion of model contests and shows. Called "Contest Calendar" it is found in the General Information area of the discussion forums. Contest representatives can post pertinent information about their contests and shows on this forum. Date, time, relevant web links and email and phone contact information are to be posted here. Also, contests can be added to the new public calendar (found at the top right, just below the title banner) several months into the future. If you have any questions about what can or cannot be posted in t
  5. Very nice! I especially like the chrome finish on the drop tanks....
  6. David, I'd love to hear your experiences using the Grex trigger-pull airbrush! Please share your take on it....
  7. Well, when you get a build rolling along, please feel free to create a new thread and start posting photos.
  8. Ooooooh! An Iron Man NASCAR build!!!! Too bad it takes me months to complete anything!
  9. I've created two new forums today to give a home to group builds and models that match a monthly theme. The group build forum will be moderated by our one-man group builder, Mark Deliduka! Mark will help set up group builds on the forum and help with photo posts, etc. The themed forum will be honcho'ed by Rusty White. Rusty will choose a topic every month for members to post model photos that match the theme. I'll leave it up to Mark and Rusty to determine how their new forums will operate. I think they'll be great additions to the forum mix we already have. Enjoy!
  10. Welcome Jamme! Sounds like you have a lot to share! Glad to have another country represented here.
  11. Yes, so good that I'm afraid to start the Se.5a Hisso I've got in my stash! I'm not worthy!!!!
  12. For me, this would be any of the new Wingnut Models WWI biplanes.
  13. John, do you have a link you could share for this site?
  14. And for those of us not in the know here, where can we see pix or Carl's Arado?
  15. Welcome Baris! Glad to have you as a member of our forums!
  16. Can ya post some more photos?
  17. Goodness, Tim, you've really been crankin' out the models lately! The Duke's got competition...
  18. Sorry Chris, some tips are too good to hide!
  19. Moving this to where it belongs...tips and techniques.
  20. Tim, I think the weathering works nicely! Great stuff...dt
  21. Very nice. I'd like to point out that without your change to the new, faster, server, this would have been a dream a few short months ago. Well done Web Team!
  22. Very nice job! Looks like this OOB deserved its award...
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