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  1. Hey THANKS for judging the armor category! I thought you guys did a super job and that Best Armor entry was incredible. It was also good to see so many of the guys from IPMS Bong.
  2. Does anyone know of a source for Quickwheel masks in the US? I see I can order them direct from Poland but would like a quicker source. Thanks
  3. Yikes..... I understand support my local hobby shop but there's a $20 difference from Lucky Model today (I have one on the way btw) compared to what the M-ATV will cost when it hits the store shelves.
  4. Very nice!! Happy to hear I'm not the only one with a 'to be finished' pile.
  5. The thing is with this one is the missing zimmerit. They have already released a late Tiger with molded on zimmerit, they did the Wittmann death Tiger with molded on zimmerit then this without. I'm waiting for them to release the early model again.
  6. I'm finding it very hard to justify buying a new Dragon armor kit when it comes out when I see Sprue Brothers selling Dragon armot kits at half off or more and these are recently released ones too. I might as well waiting a couple of months to see if the new kit will be 50% off at Sprue Brothers. One of my local hobby shops must have connected with the same source as they had a few kits the same price Sprue Brothers is offering. I'm also finding it hard to buy a new Dragon German armor kit that should have zimmerit, is released without it then 6 months later is released with molded on zimmerit.
  7. MBrzezicki

    BT-5 plus

    Recomended for Russian armour fans no doubt.
  8. Ed, I've seen the kit at Al's and Ad-Venture recently. I know they are beyond the 15 mile radius but still in the area. Marc
  9. MBrzezicki

    AMPS pictures

    Anyone have pictures from the AMPS show Saturday?
  10. Isn't AFV Club doing this as well? Kicking myself as I bought the Blast conversion.
  11. You have a point. Yet the review does reference "So checking on modeling forums the answer and reason became apparent." Asking in these forums if the instructions calling out steel as a color of the track being correct or just even looking at other built up models and seeing what color the tracks are painted.
  12. Come one, looking at that review of the Flampanzer III. Who really paints their tank tracks silver? Really?
  13. I think he bought most of the kits he reviewed. You're right about killing a kit. His site was the first place I'd look for a kit review that was unbiased. Plus his built up kits looked very well done compared to other sites that have poor looking built models in the review section.
  14. My LHS got them in 2 weeks ago. Was there last Saturday and picked up 2 already.
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