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  1. I'd like to add some figures to an armor project and have the choice of resin or plastic figures (1/35). I thought there was a line of WWII figures made in white metal. Anybody remember the manufacturer? Was it I/R? I'm looking for something in German armored personnel, winter garb, if possible.
  2. John, Glad to see another modeling/quilting couple out there. I'm in the middle of a land grab here at the old homestead. Oldest son is moving out and SWMBO has been moving her fabric, sewing machine and assorted "crap" into his room...a nice, spacious room with plenty of light and plenty of room for my stash and a spray booth....sigh, it's not to be....I snoozed, I loozed. Still, with the cost of quilting fabric (per yard!) rivaling the current cost of a model kit, it does keep her from complaining too much about my hobby expenses. dennis
  3. Count on it! I'll be the guy wearing the "bullseye" sweater... :)
  4. Challenge accepted! I started a new OOB build of an old 1/72 TOKO Il-2 Sturmovik POS kit a couple weeks ago. It's a tough build and the scrappin' boys that gather on the weekends to drink and build models (in that order, too) wonder why I'm wasting my time with it. Am rebuilding the cockpit tonight...no resin, from scratch with lotsa fiddly bits. Ahhh, relaxing. Of course, I'll post photos of the finished model (or shots of the post-firecracker remains) here first. Finding two hours a week is gonna be the hard part though....especially once prep football season starts in the fall. M
  5. Thanks for sharing, Robert! Dennis
  6. Thanks for the tip about the scissorsales.com site. Free shipping? Am making my order now....
  7. Tim, I was really impressed with their shipping. I got my kits in three days!
  8. My name is Dennis Tennant and I've been a member of IPMS for almost ten years. I build a variety of subjects but currently am focusing on 1/72 armor and 1/48 WWII aircraft. I live in Chesapeake, Virginia and my house is on the flightpath to the Norfolk Navy Base. I recently became the forum administrator here in addition to my other IPMS web role as one of John Ratzenberger's "web elves" that maintain our extensive reviews site. I am also a member of the IPMS Reviewer Corps that creates the content for our online and Journal reviews. My first Nats award was a second place award for a Sci-Fi en
  9. Welcome Arthur! I'm sure you'll find lots of folks here with similar modeling interests to fill your post-ANG days with new projects. Dennis Tennant IPMS Forum Administrator dennis.tennant@gmail.com
  10. Very nice, Frank! Can't wait to see this one when you're finished with it. Dennis
  11. Mark, Well, I AM Dennis and you are the Daniel Boone of trailblazing with this post. Wow! impressive body count here. Thanks for getting the ball rolling! Dennis (not Mark Aldrich :) )
  12. AAAAAIIIEEEEEEE! I didn't see Slave 1!!!! Crap, I would have grabbed a couple of those had I seen them....That's what I get for not going deeper into the listing. Oh well, next time I'll be a better ferret....
  13. Sure! why not? As long as the topic deals with modeling these different subjects, I think you'll be fine posting that here. As the second poster, you're blazing the trail. Blaze away, just remember to keep the discussion about model building in general. After seeing your armor collections, you've shamed me into finishing up a bunch of projects I've started and never finished. Thanks for that! :)
  14. Hiya Jon, Why dontcha start a new thread and introduce yourself, what you model, etc. Welcome! Dennis
  15. DennisTennant

    Two Reviews

    So, if you could only buy one, which one would you shell out the dough for?
  16. Hehe, sorry. My guess is this will be the last time to buy any Finemolds SW stuff from Target. At half off, it sounds like they're dumping the entire line. Their loss is my gain....the missus was away this afternoon, soooo I ordered a couple more kits to add to the order. TIE fighters!
  17. Thought I'd share this. All Target's stock of Finemolds Star Wars kits are half off...online only (7/12/09). Here's the link to the Y-wing: http://tinyurl.com/nwj7ck I just ordered and X and a Y Wing and they still have 'em in stock. If you're into Star Wars and have any spare cash, it'd be a great time to stock up... Dennis
  18. Nicely done, John. I'm jealous. I haven't finished a model in months and here you cranked one out in less than a day! Time to get away from this keyboard and pick up my Xacto knife.....
  19. Following the direction of the e-board, I've made some changes to the IPMS/USA discussion boards effective July 11, 2009. To sum up what I've done: A new section titled "General Information" has been added. This will be where announcements and the FAQ will live from now on. It's also where the new "Welcome" forum will reside to let new members step up and introduce themselves. The IPMS/USA business section has been moved lower on the page. It contains the same info and forums ... it's just located a bit further down. A new "general modeling" forum has been added. This will be for
  20. Think of this forum as a place where you can introduce yourself to other members of these discussion forums. Tell us who you are, where you live, what you model, etc. Let us get to know you better. Don't be shy, we were all newbies once! Dennis
  21. Yeah John, I wanna buy one for my daughter! Where'd ya find it? It'll look great in her dorm room this fall! hehe
  22. Mighty fine build, Jim. The cockpit looks fantastic.
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