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    Airplanes. WWII and moder war.<br />Scale. All but most of my model´s are 1/48 and 1/32
  1. Hi Gil! I use Gunze edition of Chrome silver. I use two types of silver. Chrome and Burned metal!
  2. Well ,This is my last job. A resin kit that not bagan comments. The only problem is the Instructions very poor dertails. I did not have many references of this model comes out to hunt the Internet. Despite being a plane of 50´s. I did not find something could help me. Anyway...I did! The model did not need more touches. However rivets were made and detailing the landing gear. Enjoy Cybermodel -Emerson Miura I got a medal with this one. But I only got the medal because the model goes to the owner.
  3. I There! This is a real Classic Monogram kit. I did minor modifications in the kit. Lowered the panel lines. modified the nose window. Details cabine ,turrets and landing gear. My client has asked to modify a little so I published the photos of semi-finished model. Suggestions and criticisms very welcome!! Cherrs
  4. Hi! Comrades! This is a tamiya´s 1/48 model. I only did some scratcs, cabin, landing gear, rivets, Antenna cables. I chose to make the plane flown by ace Modrow. A quick briff of the pilot ... I don´t have the decals then I paint them direct in the model. The hunting of Modrow was a Heinkel HE 219, one of the best aircraft in the category of night fighters already manufactured. On the ground their appearance was not the best, because the aircraft was built with a big, clumsy chassis, a set of antennae at the front and cabin for pilot and radar operator, well ahea
  5. Another one>... Despite changes in the kit too good to want to invent fashion. Here I have just moved by the temptation to give a touch of art in it. I hope you enjoy ..but in moderation :cheers: . I added details in the engine Cabin and Canopy. I chose to paint the markings rather than on putting the decal I did a version of a plane captured by the Americans on the Saipan island in 1944. The plane was not camouflaged. Just when he was captured in the areas of HINUMARU were cleared to be painted after for American stars. Suggestions and comments are welcome! :banghead:
  6. Hi Dear colleagues! this my first post. version of Vietnam Air Force. Picture base for start...Very poor information. But I did my best. Please Enjoy! My version for this model....
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