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  1. www.scalefinishes.com OEM paint, military colors, fleet colors, you name it, he does it.
  2. been waiting for this one, now I can use the roadster hot rod I bought to build a hot rod Delivery Van!
  3. Go to any autoparts store and pick up a thing of Super Clean degreaser. I use it all the time to strip enamels (also works great for stripping chrome). For Acrylics I use 91% alcohol
  4. Looking at all my reference material I cannot tell what color the inner cowl is on the Bubble Top. Is it yellow zinc chromite, green zinc chromite, or Dark Gull green? I know the gear bays on the republic built birds were yellow zinc chromite with a dark gull green cockpit. Anybody wanna take a shot at this one?
  5. i do all my pre ordering from the LHS, best part is, I don't pay till it gets here, if it never gets here I am not out the money
  6. couldnt really get into the vibe to build the Minsi, so instead I turned it into this this one is turning out to be more of an experiment than anything. Still have lots to do, like take better pics since I have cleared it.
  7. thanks, I have every thing here to build a blue beetle clone except the caddy heads
  8. Sometimes you get lucky and get to build a brand new 45 year old kit, I happened to get lucky and find this for a song. This also goes back to my building vintage kits thread. Paint is 1950 Ford Matador Red under 2 coats of urethane clear, Interior is black and white gloss coat, shot with a flat coat, then top coated with semi gloss clear, same with the top. This was a fun build and I am pretty sure I will be going to hell for building it. I hope you guys enjoy it. Criticism is always welcome, good or bad.
  9. that is exactly what i mean, some bone head gang members ran their car through the hobby shop doors and destroyed the display case that they and other club members models were in.
  10. DBoger


    it sure does, thanks guys, now I wish I could find some good pics of the sucker out in the field.
  11. DBoger


    I picked up an old Tamiya Russian t-62a kit for $5.00. My plan is out of box with it with some weathering, but I can't find any good reference pics on the net of the tank in the field. Does anybody have any laying around that they can post here? I want to build it as a cold war tank. Thanks Donnie
  12. One thing I forgot to mention was a week before it was destroyed the 2nd time, it took Best of show at one of my local car model contests.
  13. yep, this time around though there was nothing left to rebuild
  14. heres another wrench in the gear. Do you take advantage of the current aftermarket industry to help with you build or restoration?
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