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  1. Well, I see there's been no joy in getting a response. Would anyone happen to know how I can send him an e-mail? His box here is full and won't accept any more PMs. Or can someone draw his attention, back to his original thread. Tks
  2. I've just read about this in this month's IPMS Journal and am impressed. Are there any pictures of the finished presentation and/or individual models?
  3. Being a newbie on the scene, can someone please bring me up to speed on where, over the years, the National Conventions have been held? For instance, I know that: 2011- Omaha 2010 - Phoenix 2009 -? 2008-? etc.
  4. Well, in not seeing any responses, let me try approaching this piecemeal . . . What can I use to mount the aircraft, above the base?
  5. AKPilot

    1/72 AT-6

    Anyone know of a kit manufacturer for a 1/72 scale AT-6. I can't seem to find anything on the net. Tks in advance.
  6. Can anyone point me to a good thread, link, website, etc., that shows aviation/airplane dioramas with aircraft in, perceived, motion? More often than not I see airplanes sitting on the tarmac just sitting there. I'd like to find something more creative, as if the aircraft itself was flying. For instance, on a prop plane, isn't there a better way to show the prop in motion? Round acrylic disk, painted a certain way? I've seen pictures of diorama with a photo over the base showing the aircraft as if it was at altitude. That was pretty cool. For my OV-10s, I'd like to show a pair of them over the jungle in SEA. Am open to have them over rice fields, or over jungle tops, etc. But I'd like to see/have something where they're actually being perceived in motion, vs just sitting on a tarmac.
  7. Thanks Tim for your response. Yes, I was aware of that as well.
  8. Does anyone know why I can't find Model Master #1562, Flat Light Blue, on the Testors web site? Is it still being produced? Or, am I being myself - a rookie?
  9. Thanks gents for the response. Have any of you ever used any of the three I've mentioned above, or know of what the differences would be? - Ambroid ProWeld - Plastruct Plastic Weld - Plastruct Bendenc
  10. I recognize that there are various bonding agents used for different purposes. I do the same for model rocketry and r/c. My LHS carries: - Bob Smith (LHS brand) - various Testors/Model Master - Ambroid Proweld - Plastruct: Plastic Weld & Bondenc For plastic, airplane, model building what adhesives/glues do you use for: 1. plastic-to-plastic? 2. resin-to-plastic? 3. resin-to-resin? 4. canopies-to-model? I have various CAs, Aileens, and Titebond on hand already. Are these okay for various purposes? Any help would greatly be appreciated.
  11. If haven't yet attended a local IPMS meeting due to me only recently becoming interested, and because of the recent mid-west blizzard this past week, but can someone answer a question - more out of curiosity sakes? More than likely I won't be entering competitions, but be building for my own satisfaction. I've briefly read in a Testors Model Masters book, at my LHS, about scale color effect. From what I read, this means that for 1/32 scale the same color will be darker, than say for 1/72. If I'm explaining this correctly, this means that the 1/72 scale would be lighter. Correct? I've found the Stockholm IPMS site, but is there any reference material out there that says, or shows, something to the effect of, "using xxxxxx color, lighten it up by x drops of white"? OR is there a color chart/wheel that shows if using a certain scale, what the color should look like? OR is it simply by using the eye-ball method? Just thinking out loud . . .
  12. Okay, I did it. Application filled out and sent. Thanks to those that have supported and answered my questions. Now, if this mid-west storm will pass, maybe the post office will deliver the application to M.J.? Am also planning on attending Nationals this year.
  13. Over the past week, I've searched both of our good local hobby stores (StL; Mark Twain and Schaeffers) all to no avail. I still can't find any, dedicated, acrylic primer. Is there anywhere on line to order it from? Here's the scoop, my wife bought me a very nice, large, in-door, spray booth for my hobby area. On the condition that I quit using enamels, lacquers, or other smelly stuff. To me, finding an acrylic primer is a small price, for such a thoughtful woman!
  14. Am using acrylics for a variety of reasons. Have found a Hobby Store in the area that carries the Model Masters (MM) acrylics (this'll be for an aircraft). Can anyone suggest what type of primer to use, so it's compatible? LHS doesn't carry the MM primer. I don't desire to go to/use enamels. Tks
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