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Mirror Models CMP 60L British lorry in captured Afrika Korps markings


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This was a tough kit to build. Fit issues everywhere (and I do mean "everywhere"!). Still, I made some field modifications after looking through several Afrika Korps photo references. I replaced the canvas framing over the bed with brass rod and used brass tubing to replace the drive gears underneath. I painted it with Mission Models paints, using the hairspray technique to show the underlying original British factory paint (an olive green). The cargo consists of a severed tail from a 21st Century Toys Me-109 in North Afrika markings, several resin 55 gal. drums and a couple tarps made from Aves Apoxie. Various bits and bobs completed the build. It will be part of the Afrika Korps group build at the Chattanooga Nationals soon. Stop by and give it a look!






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