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  1. What is the publication schedule for the journal? I renewed my membership at the end of December - I let it lapse while I was out of work - and was wondering when I should expect to start seeing the journal.
  2. Moose135

    Bah Humbug!

    Nice work, Kevin! I've seen the Alastair Sim version of the movie so many times, he is Scrooge to me, and you've done a good job capturing him.
  3. Neat idea for a different look, Gil! Really well done!
  4. I didn't get the builder's info, but here it is:
  5. Try sending an e-mail to Marie Van Schoonhoven, the National Office Manager manager@ipmsusa.org
  6. I think I have about three other things happening that weekend, but if I can make it, I certainly will!
  7. Welcome aboard, Bob! I'm living down the road in Charlotte these days, maybe we'll bump into each other at a show sometime.
  8. As I grew up on the winning side, I've always known it as the Merrimack, I guess I wouldn't have answered Rusty's question "correctly" either.
  9. What are you doing, injecting facts into this discussion?
  10. And that right there is the problem - most of the time, the organizers must guarantee a minimum for meals in order to get the rate on the facility. Enough attendees feel the same as you, they don't get the numbers, and the costs skyrocket.
  11. On the Photobucket page, under the "Share Links" section on the right, click on the "Direct" box - the actual URL, not the title. That will copy the URL of the image (the "filename.jpg" name) and once you come back to the forum, either paste the URL between Image tags or simply click on the Image icon and paste the url in the box.
  12. Does this help? http://www.dragon-models.com/instruction/3535Instruction.PDF Linked from this page: http://dragon-models.com/d-m-item.asp?pid=DRA3535
  13. Good to hear that, James! Mine is on its way.
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