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  1. Those spacecraft look tempting. After seeing your last WIP, I may have to start collecting these.
  2. I have Photoshop CS6 and an OLD version of Photoshop Elements v2. Elements works great for decals as it's basically Photoshop without all the bells and whistles. I agree about Photoshop. Adobe is PARANOID someone is going to pirate their programs, so they are constantly issuing updates, upgrades, requirements, and asking for my product id number to verify program legitimacy. The cloud thing is just another anti-pirate precaution.
  3. One last thing to note about making your own decals. Once you are happy with your print, be sure to coat the sheet with a clear top coat. I use good ol' Krylon clear I get at Westlake Hardware. It does a good job sealing the colors to the white decal paper and will protect the decal from damage or scratches during application.
  4. REMEMBER that your printer does NOT print white. So any white on your photos will not print properly, if at all. I print all my decals on white decal paper and instruct those using them to cut around the flags (I only make flags) as close as possible to the perimeter.
  5. It turned out great Gil. I built the same model smooth from the box and still thought it made into a nice model. I did the same thing you did with the panel lines and it really helped the overall appeal. I actually took second at the region 6 convention that year with it. By today's standards though, it could use a good re-tool. Nevertheless, still a decent kit.
  6. Nice kit and very esoteric. Just the way I like them. The base is also very cool. It should build into a nice model. Let's hope for Mars Landers soon!
  7. Dave, I have been to many National conventions and I have NEVER experianced any of the types of people you describe. If this is common on the forums you frequent, I would suggest better moderation to the web master. Being a moderator here, I take it pretty easy on the comments made. As long as the folks here don't start flaming each other and follow the rules, everything runs pretty smoothly. If I see things getting heated (potentially), I'll ask that everyone should reconsider what they say before they post. 99 times out of 100 that's all it takes. Just my opinion.
  8. FWI, when I send my "writing for Flagship Models" to all my new authors, I go out of my way to tell them they won't get rich writing for Flagship. Even I take the hit when the CDs go into production, because I still have to make back my intial investment, which at $12.95 each takes some time depending on how well the CD sells. The good news is fame (not fortune) still awaits since there are so many Internet sites that will snap up your work to publish so that it can be enjoyed world wide.
  9. I wouldn't feel offended. It's all about liability nowadays. Some kid buys a can of paint, goe's home and huffs it and gets brain damage, and the next thing you know, you're in court writing a check for a million dollars. I hate to sound so cinical, but that's the way it goes today. Too many folks are looking to make some easy (free) money in court thanks to a few ambulance chasing attorneys who view corporations as their private ATMs. Take your treatment as a compliment. You must've looked 18 to the clerk. :smiley14:
  10. I really feel for you Noel (my son's name too). I know from experience just how difficult and time cinsuming it is to write articles for magazines. Also, as a publisher I can't understand why anyone would treat thier authors/lifes blood so badly. The FIRST expense on my list to pay is the author. Lord knows you certainly aren't going to retire with income writing for a modeling magazine, so the least they can do is pay in a timely manner. Another thing to consider as a publisher is that modeling authors are a VERY small group and they all know each other. So burning a financial bridge to your businesses life's blood makes no sense whatsoever. I can only hope this will be cleared up and is an honest misunderstanding so the magazine can continue publishing. Good luck to you.
  11. Hank, Good luck using your decal making kit. To answer your question; I have been designing and making my own decals for some time (without a kit) and I can't imagine why any image that will import into your program won't work. The best results will depend on the quality and resolution your printer is able to print. Just be certain to set it to the type of paper (probably photo glossy) your program recommends and follow the directions carefully. Post some pics of your new decals.
  12. You're right about the Beetlejuice film. Burton used so much colored lighting in every scene, figuring out Beetlejuice's color must be a nightmare.
  13. Martin, I have been a longtime user and satisfied customer of Model Master enamels, but I have been troubled by the recent reduction of stock at HL as well as my local hobby shop, not to mention the re-formulation of thier colors reducing shelf life. So I am now actively seeking another brand to be my new "go to" line of paints. I prefer solvent based colors and I think I am going to give Tru Colors a try after reading all the positive things here. I'm not sure if it would be feasible to stock and sell Tru Color paints at Flagship Models, but contact me off board at shipmodeler@sbcglobal.net and we'll talk.
  14. Martin, If this subject has been covered please forgive me. Does Tru Color paints have a known shelf life? After reading about the new Model Master line drying up on the shelf, I am curious.
  15. What Ron says is correct. Also, never forget the NUMBER ONE winning ingredient in any diorama, along with basic modeling techniques. That is, HOW WELL DOES IT TELL THE STORY? Your scenario is technically correct for a diorama. How good is the story? Does it require explanation? A dio of a photographer taking a photo of a general being interviewed is good, but add a pet dog next to the general with his legged hiked, is a GREAT story that needs no words to explain. Hope this helps.
  16. When models are entered in IPMS/USA contests, they go through the first vetting process by the registration team who will be happy to suggest what caegory is best for your model. Once you model is place on the category table, they are then inspected by the category head judges and moved to the appriaite category if need be. In short, since there is sometimes a very fine line between entries and the category they are entered in, the Head Judge has the final decision. So if possible, consult the Head Category Judge, then if you still don't agree, take your case to the Chief Judge.
  17. The photo etch came in today and we are now shipping the newest, most accurate, and most up-to-date model kit of the 1/192 scale CSS/USS Atlanta on the market. The model is almost 14" long and includes everything needed to build a museum quality model from the box. Order now at; http://www.flagshipmodels.com/zencart/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=7&products_id=53. See everything that's new and upcoming including the 1/192 scale USS Choctaw!
  18. It looks like it's in great shape. I would suggest emailng Ford Motor Co. directly and ask exactly for the proper nomenclature) for these "sales samples". That could go a long way to you getting the information you need to determine its' value. Just a suggestion.
  19. I need to locate Robert Swan, John Fryant, or the owner of their USS Choctaw plans to answer a question I have. Does anyone know how to contact any of these folks? I am currently working on a kit of this behemoth. I know what the scale is of the plans because it is noted. However, there isn't a scale or reference point drawn anywhere. What I need is a KNOWN distance of anything on the drawings (like the pilot house) in order to set the units of scale in the CAD program. Any help would be much appreciated. Rusty White Flagship Models Inc.
  20. Thanks Gil. You beat me to the punch with almost the same exact questions.
  21. I built that kit some years back and I agree for its' age, it isn't a bad kit. You did a better job than I did though. Looks real nice. I wish they would retool it with recessed panel lines. Rusty
  22. That Beetlejuice bust looks interesting and just like Keaton. Post pics when you get it painted.
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