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  1. Thanks for the info gents! I will go with the Vector R-2800 A/B (early) with the one piece crankcase and oblong magnetos. Great link Gil, thank you! Also, noticed you did a article for Aerospace Modeler Magazine (# 8) on "Salvaging a Stoof", excellent piece & photos! What ever became of that magazine? I have all except # 11 one of the best (in my opinion) magazines around. Thanks again for guys for the info! Jerry A.
  2. I have a Detail & Scale F4U part 1, Vo.l 55 in very good condition I would like to trade for the Detail & Scale P-47. Thanks, Jerry A.
  3. Can anyone tell me what Vector engine I should use on the Hasegawa 1/48 P-47 Razorback? I have the R-2800 type A/B (early) and the R-2800 C (late) engines and the headers both say for the 'D'. The Hasegawa instructions say the kit is a P-47D-10-21. Thanks, Jerry A.
  4. Will buy or trade. Looking for the following items for Revell's 1/72 F-89 Scorpion. Found the seats on EBay but prefer to buy here. Also looking for Aerospace Modeler Magazine # 11. Can do PayPal, check or MO and/or trade for kit(s). 1- Pavla # S72085, F-89 seats 2- Airwaves # AC7263, F-89 detail set (PE) 3- Reheat # RH048, Canopy detail set Thanks for looking, Jerry A.
  5. Thanks for the warning about the Blue Max kits. I have a few PCM 1/32 kits and the Macchi 202/205 kits almost sound like the Blue max kits to some degree, not shake & bake but just a bit "challenging"! I hope to make it to the Atlanta Con. next month and will hit the vendors tables for the WNW kit. Jerry A.
  6. RATS! Sold out/OOP per Wingnuts Wings and no joy on EBay. Found a company called Blue Max(?) and they did that A/C in 1/48 but it's also OOP. Thanks for the info! Jerry A.
  7. Well, maybe a few questions. Can anyone tell me what kit & scale that WW1 German biplane is on the home page? Is a build article with pictures available? Tip of the hat to the builder, great subject and excellent built/execution. The build inspired me to try a biplane kit (maybe). Thanks, Jerry A.
  8. Hi all. New member and first post, great site! I have several aircraft kits that include seated pilots that I would like to enter in the out of box category. If I don't use the pilot, can I be disqualified? I asked this at another modeling site with no clear answer, kinda like "definitely maybe". Can anyone help? Thanks, Jerry A.
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